Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alliance Management Workshop: Tools and Techniques

$950 ASAP Members | $1050 Non-Members

Jeff Hurley, CA-AM, Alliance Management Director, Eli Lilly and Company
David Thompson, CA-AM, Chief Alliance Officer, Eli Lilly and Company
Steve Twait, CSAP, VP, Alliance and Integration Management, AstraZeneca

Eli Lilly and Company is offering a training course for alliance managers. The course is a distillation of Lilly's century of business alliance experience led by 3 of the most skilled alliance managers in the field—David S. Thompson, Chief Alliance Officer, Eli Lilly and Company, Jeff Hurley, Director, Alliance Management, Eli Lilly & Company and Steve Twait, VP, Alliance and Integration Management AstraZeneca. The course will provide case studies, tools, and techniques used to train alliance managers at Lilly.

Upon completion of this non-industry specific course, students will have working knowledge of alliance management including the start-up, maintenance, and winding down of alliances as well as an understanding of how to get the most value from an alliance.

Students who attend the course will have the opportunity to participate in a pre-session discussion and survey and will receive a set of battletested alliance management tools and a post-session follow-up with the instructors.

ASAP would like to thank Eli Lilly and Company and the volunteer instructors for this workshop.

Designing a Partnership that Works: Onboarding Your Partner

$950 ASAP Members | $1050 Non-Members

Candido Arreche, CA–AM | Global Director of Portfolio & Partner Management, Six Sigma Black Belt | Xerox Worldwide Alliances

One of the most critical steps in developing a successful alliance is how to help the partner create value and rapidly generate business from it. This experiential and interactive workshop was designed by Xerox for use in creating a framework for its partnership success. Used numerous times for many of its partnerships, the Xerox program reinforces the process and opportunities for partners to quickly work and adapt to an alliance. Furthermore, it helps the alliance become more effective and efficient in managing the relationship. This workshop also provides organizations with the knowledge, direction, steps and timeline needed to effectively market, sell, close, and deliver alliance opportunities by leveraging a joint strategy approach.

All attendees participating in this workshop will receive a personalized copy of Candido's latest book Collaboration: The Four C's, scheduled for release in Q1 2016.

Testimonials from past attendees:

"One of the best and most detailed workshops I've attended packed with techniques and tools that I have not had the pleasure of using before."

"For me the workshop was so great because you shared your experience. So it was not a theory of alliance management, it was the reality, and showed what works and how to do it! That's what we need: to learn from experience. Your tools are an inspiration for all of us, because we can use them right away, but also we have ideas how to evolve them."

"Although I have several years' experience as an Alliance Manager I learned so much, and was able in the very next week to make use of insights and information from your course. Your engaging and energetic style made the whole event gripping."

The workshop includes case studies designed to enhance a hands–on learning approach and focuses on four planks or sections of successful partnership requirements:

  • Strategy
  • Go to market / Selling together
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Governance

Participants will learn:

  1. How to quickly develop an alliance relationship by leveraging a "five step" process
  2. Techniques and tools to quickly enable joint strategies with your alliances partner
  3. Ways to agree and leverage a business plan that makes sense and works!
  4. How to accelerate the creation of an alliance partner's pipeline, deal conversion and margin potential
  5. How to help the partner quickly close alliance deals and reduce their time to revenue (TTR)

Objectives during the session include:

  1. Be able to illustrate the processes and tools designed to manage a partner programs
  2. Techniques on how to build joint strategy with you partner
  3. Be precise and effective in each of the following tasks
  4. Selecting partners and managing the alliance mix
  5. Connecting to partners at a strategic business level
  6. Successfully on–boarding partners
  7. Reviewing alliance performance and facilitating growth
  8. Executing under pressure

ASAP would like to thank Xerox for donating all materials, IP and instructors for this workshop.

CA-AM (Certificate of Achievement - Alliance Management) Certification Exam Prep Workshop

$1,099 ASAP Members (Bundle price includes Certification Exam)

Ann Trampas, CSAP
Practice Lead
Phoenix Consulting Group

Do you want to validate and strengthen your alliance management expertise? Increase your alliance IQ and plan to attend this workshop as it explores and reinforces key alliance concepts that are covered in the CA–AM exam.

The knowledge exchange in this interactive professional development workshop will be strengthened by robust group discussion and case scenario analyses. The workshop will provide access to models, tools, and proven best practices that can be rapidly applied into your daily activities creating operating efficiencies that aim to improve results. This course will address the following topics: Alliance Life Cycle Framework, Strategic Rationale and Readiness, Alliance Selection, Alliance Execution, Planning and Organizing Skills, and Management and Leadership Skills.

Each participant will receive The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide—considered "the bible of partnering practice." Also included in the workshop fee is the online exam. The CA–AM prep workshop is a requirement for becoming certified.

"CA–AM training and certification provides a common language and a common set of processes and tools." — Mary Jo Struttmann, CA–AM, Astellas