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What Membership Means...

Kevin Little, MD, CSAP
Managing Director
HRD Partners

ASAP continues to do a great job of shaping and promoting alliance management as an essential corporate function in today's world. As an individual member, there is enormous value to be gained.

As a practitioner of collaboration in a variety of perhaps non-traditional alliance functions myself, I've found so many key elements of partnering and collaboration management for synergistic outcomes were perfectly encapsulated by ASAP's offerings.

The more I learned about ASAP, its networks, and how alliance management professionals developed their skills, the more I realized this truly was best practice for ALL collaborative work.

And the community by its very nature embraces diverse contributions - making it easy to provide real contributions at the level of Chapter leadership, ASAP committees, and pursuing personal professional development through CAAM and CSAP certifications.

I encourage anyone with an interest in the areas of collaborative business to get to know ASAP.

Jeremy Ahouse, PhD, CSAP
Executive Director, Business Development & Global Alliances

I consider ASAP the premier alliance management professional organization. Participating with ASAP gives our team a chance to meet experienced alliance managers, and managing alliances requires combining diplomacy, leadership skills, and technical competence.

Though alliance management remains a relatively young profession, ASAP prides itself in bringing together people who navigate cross-company implementation challenges and are willing to share. We look to ASAP to be a clearinghouse for important ideas, helpful practices, educational opportunities and a repository of both what works and what doesn't as the profession matures.

Nancy Hildebrand, CA-AM
Alliance Management
Eli Lilly and Company

My ASAP membership provides me with various ways to sharpen my Alliance Management skills by accessing programs that match what I need to learn, when I need to know it. I love the Netcast Webinars, the programs on archive, the ASAP BioPharma conference, the Strategic Alliance Magazine, chapter events...I can get content in a lot of different ways that matches how I want it at that specific time. Thank you for making that possible.

Russ Buchanan, CSAP
Head Corporate Alliances
Xerox Corporation

I joined ASAP after Xerox asked me to build a robust alliance program that would be a growth engine for our services business. To do this I needed to understand what other companies were doing to be successful with alliances. I also needed to know how they succeeded including the skills and capabilities that were required. But knowing how wasn't sufficient I also wanted to know who could help me build and create those skills and capabilities. Equally important to the success of the Xerox program was building relationships with other alliance leaders in my industry and in other industries. ASAP enabled me to do all of these things, in a time frame that was faster, and at a cost that was lower, than any other option that was available. Ten years later I still consider my membership and involvement at ASAP to be one of the best decisions I made related to my alliance leadership role at Xerox.

R. Lynn Richard, CSAP
Director, Strategic Alliances
GE Healthcare IT

Membership in ASAP provides extraordinary opportunities to improve professional skills as well as innovate the way we work with important alliances. My team learns from professionals in companies similar to our own, and from companies vastly different, in different industry verticals, ranging from start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world. The skills and practices we develop in the many training opportunities provided throughout the year range from basic and fundamental to profoundly sophisticated. As my team improves their skills and approaches to alliance management, they are able to leverage these allowing us to take our alliances to new levels.

Rachel Tuller
Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Not only is the content from ASAP events outstanding, but more importantly, I feel tremendously validated around my life's work. Feels like "home" with these peeps! I think I've discovered my long-lost tribe...

Steve Twait, CSAP
VP, Alliance and Integration Management (AIM)
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Being a member of ASAP—via your company's corporate membership or as an individual member—provides access to an instant network of like-minded professionals. The role of alliance manager continues to evolve and may look different at many companies. Being able to connect with other alliance managers and network (via the annual Global Alliances Summit or local chapter meetings) is a great way to learn and accelerate your personal development.

Jan Twombly, CSAP
The Rhythm of Business, Inc.

Every alliance professional should be a member of ASAP. Full stop. There is no other way to build your network of colleagues tackling similar problems across diverse industries. This becomes increasingly important as industries converge and morph, especially considering the business opportunities enabled by the Internet of Things, digital health, and other explosively growing business ecosystems. There is no other place where people who work day-to-day at realizing the intended value of alliances converge. Partnering is conceptually simple, but operationally quite challenging. In ASAP, we figure out how to meet that challenge and deliver on the promise of alliances.

Richard Medley, CSAP
Strategic Marketing Manager
Schneider Electric

ASAP represents a rich resource of content, material and people dedicated to the practice of alliance management.

Jeff Newton, CSAP
Global Alliance Manager, IoE Software Alliances

I feel having my CSAP and specifically my association with ASAP gives me the tools I need to be successful. I especially like how the methodology uses a life cycle framework. Many times alliances get sidetracked on the wrong initiative or stop growing because a valuable piece of the framework was missed. Having a methodology to follow and the ability to have baseline knowledge through ASAP allows alliance managers to start from equal footing and create a more successful alliance.

I also like the support that ASAP gives its members. More specifically I like local chapter meetings, online webinars as well as the wealth of information on the website. I also appreciate the networking opportunities with like-minded people.

William Erb, CA-AM
VP Business Development

We believe that ASAP offers unique opportunities to network and build relationships. ASAP conferences have served as an icebreaker, a chance to meet with people we'd normally be competing with, and to be able to establish an 'external perspective' benefits everyone in industry as a whole. I'm very impressed with the many benefits membership in ASAP has brought to our company.

Even the challenge of competing for an ASAP Excellence Award provided a great learning opportunity. Though we didn't win, the team upgraded skills and increased knowledge. ASAP conferences also allow us to share best practices. I'm willing to admit that we may not have used enough of the services ASAP has to offer. But my intent is to make it easier to do so in the future. As Amgen introduces new ways of working on alliances to senior executives, we will be tapping into ASAP's services to make us more effective partners.

Christine A. Carberry, CSAP
SVP, Quality, Technical Operations, Program & Alliance Management
Forum Pharmaceuticals

ASAP is the only professional organization dedicated to the strategic alliance profession and community. Since joining ASAP in 2007, I have seen a dramatic increase in my understanding of strategic alliances, built a wide and deep network, and have been able to engage new members into our community. The more involved I get in ASAP, the more I learn and advance in the profession. In 2010, I obtained my CSAP certification and while the credential is not yet widely recognized, it opens up a discussion every time someone asks me What is a CSAP?. My alliance management experience has also led to new career opportunities and expanded responsibilities. I encourage every kind and level of alliance manager to get involved and contribute to ASAP. Creating value through collaboration is the only way we can innovate, grow and succeed.

Steve Blacklock, CA-AM
Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances
Citrix Systems, Inc.

One of the reasons for joining ASAP was the industry and alliances contacts and mentors you can meet and learn from. That continues to be a key value from ASAP with membership continuing to grow and expand within its core constituents and also into other industries. Another key opportunity to leverage with networking is for job opportunities — both as a seeker and as someone looking to hire for a team.

One of our bigger challenges is getting senior executive leadership to see alliances as an essential strategic change agent — some get it, others you have to work with closely to get them there. ASAP offers access to great, experienced leaders who know and live this every day. Another value is seeing business and marketing through our alliance partners. It's a perspective you cannot get through your own organizational lens. To learn the market this way is key to anticipating market trends. Also, the mentors and contacts have been invaluable in learning from others in the industry with similar business transformations or changes, and also from those with very different experiences. I enjoy listening to professionals from completely different industries and business models who share ideas I wouldn't have considered with my own experience.

Philip Sack, CSAP

Alliance management and Collaboration is about leadership.

Your ability to lead your internal stakeholders and associated business units, together in Collaboration with Alliance partners, requires strong leadership skills. However you also require creditability and executive sponsorship if people are going to follow you on this exciting journey. Involvement in ASAP and achieving CSAP certification demonstrates that I am serious about the practice of Alliance management, focused on continuous learning and development, engaged and leveraging the resources and best practices offered by ASAP, and that I am an accomplished Alliance professional.

Coupled with my professional experience and previous business success, CSAP certification assists establishing my personnel creditability, and it differentiates me within a highly competitive market place. If you are serious about Alliance management and leading Alliances, I recommend you consider this globally recognized organization as well as certification.

Michael Moser, CSAP
Global Alliances Collaboration Leader
Dassault Systèmes

It's the competency present within the ASAP community that I value most, with experts available to discuss all aspects of alliance management. Seasoned alliance managers are valuable for me and my colleagues. I also appreciate the ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management, which recommends process as well as best practices. Input available through webinars is also welcomed. On another level, the community itself is valuable. We know who is a member and can connect. There's someone to talk to, share information, and gain insight and input.

Lena Frank
Director - Alliance Management
Acorda Therapeutics

I joined ASAP just after I obtained a title with the term alliance management in it, figuring I had better learn more about what I was supposed to be doing! I find ASAP to be a great resource for everything from best practices, to tools and process, to networking with others in the alliance management field. The various ASAP conferences are especially beneficial.

In 2012, I did my first presentation at the ASAP Biopharma Conference and really enjoyed the experience. This year, I've been invited to participate in a panel discussion; I am very much looking forward to this. Since technology continues to make the world a smaller place, it is very important to further build skill sets for overall collaborative capabilities. These skills can be helpful in almost any situation whether for business, academics, non-profit, government or even at home.

Mike King
Vice President of Global Technology Partners and Channels

I joined ASAP as I believe you can learn a lot from associating with leaders in your field, from listening to other individuals and companies share what they are strategically doing to drive their partnering and alliance organizations. ASAP allows you to be in a community with other professionals, to network and keep your pulse on what is going on in your industry and others.

S. Singh Mecker
Principal, Global Alliance Leader

Our membership in ASAP strengthens our partnering capability in several key ways. ASAP provides a rich body of knowledge, best practices, and learning opportunities that inform our alliance executives and enrich the skills of our alliance team members. Through ASAP, we develop relationships with our peers and learn from the experiences and practices of alliance executives across many industries.

Ron Long
Senior Manager, Partner Sales, Global System Integrators and Alliances

Effective Alliance partnering is core to NetApp's strategy. A global membership with ASAP provides us with the opportunity to scale and share best practices with our alliance management professionals globally and interlock with many of our key alliance partners who are active global members of ASAP.

Andy Hull
Vice President of Global Alliances
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

As global members, we now have access to various ASAP tools for our alliance professionals across the company. Our team can utilize these tools to ensure we are continuing to build on our best-practice approach across our alliances globally. We always walk away from ASAP conferences with some fresh perspectives and ready to handle any alliance challenge.

Andrew Masland
Director Strategic Alliances
NEC Corporation

I've enjoyed building my personal network of alliance managers who are knowledgeable and willing to share with colleagues worldwide.

Maria Olson
Vice President, Global Alliances

Our global alliance partnerships are linchpins for the NetApp strategy and we view ASAP as a pivotal association for advancing the professional alliance manager's career and a valuable source for professional training and certification.

Mary Jo Struttmann
Senior Director, Alliance Management

We discuss ASAP with potential partners and this underscores how much we pay attention to the way we execute and move forward with our alliances. ASAP membership and certification provide us and our partners with a common language and a common set of processes and tools—as well as the ability to learn from the experiences and best practices of other members within and outside of the pharmaceutical industry. ASAP is trying to monitor where the field is going, and trying to stay on top of that. Its providing education that can really help alliance management professionals move, adapt, change, and grow. That's why I felt so strongly about supporting Astellas' ASAP global membership.

Anoop Nathwani
Consortio Consulting

I have been a member of ASAP for about 10 years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of ASAP and everything that goes with it. It is due to ASAP that my knowledge, experience and skills in the area of Strategic Alliances has grown immensely. ASAP really does enable people and organisations to drive the thinking around Strategic Alliances and the enormous value creation opportunity that exists with that. In today's world, Collaboration should be seen as the new engine of growth and it is Collaboration that is the new competition, and Strategic Alliances is about collaborating at the highest possible level. As a Strategic Alliances professional myself, I have derived more value (knowledge, experience, skills….) gained through webinars, chapter meetings, white papers on best practices, ASAP Summit and through camaraderie with colleagues who face the same challenges and opportunities, than I could describe by being an active member of ASAP. For all Strategic Alliance professionals who want to become the very best at what they do, being a member of ASAP should be a priority for you.

Leona Kral, CSAP
Executive Engagement Program Manager

Our journey to becoming a company that ‘partners well' was accelerated and enabled by ASAP... I have been with Verizon for four years and during this time, our ASAP participation grew from just a few individual members, to a Corporate Membership, and then to Global Membership. This in itself is a testimonial to the value ASAP brings to Verizon and to our growing community of alliance professionals. The importance of strategic alliances to Verizon and our ability to best serve our customers is significant, which is why we plan to continue to partner with ASAP to provide the best tools, networking opportunities, and professional development to our alliance teams around the world.

Alistair Pim, CSAP
Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances
Schneider Electric

I enjoy ASAP and I continue to engage deeply with its community and services for the same reasons I joined in the first place—because it is an organization that understood the challenges I face. It had content, frameworks, and tools that helped me understand and carry out my job better. It gave me a network of people to call on when I had difficult problems to solve.

I've definitely received tremendous value as a member, and in the last few years ASAP has greatly enhanced that value proposition. The number of people providing content, frameworks, and case examples has increased. All of those tools have improved. The network has expanded and become more experienced, and I've learned a lot from members in other companies—how they approach training and education, what they've done to get their teams certified, how they select partners, and how they assess their partnerships. It has been really valuable to network with my peers and share experiences and learn from each other.

Snehal Desai, CA-AM
Global Business Director
The Dow Chemical Company

It's always fun to go to the ASAP Global Alliance Summit and ASAP chapter meetings. Certainly there is plenty to gain professionally from the content and networking opportunities, but more importantly, on a personal level as an alliance management professional you feel like you are with a family of like-minded souls.

From the perspective of my ongoing job responsibilities, I've found that embedding alliance management principles into my approach and my knowledge is part of how I do business now. I've always learned from the Summit, conversations with other alliance professionals, white papers, the best practices bulletins, and the _Strategic Alliance Magazine_ articles that you get the most value when you see what other industries are doing. How would you apply that in your own context? The biggest benefit of ASAP membership is working with companies and cultures that are different from ours. It forces you to think about problems differently.

Brian Handley, CA-AM
Business Development
Emerson Corporation

My 'ah-ha' moment came when I saw that there are other people doing this, and they seem to have all the answers—or at least were going in the right direction—for some of my basic challenges. I could really tell how much the individuals in ASAP could help me develop professionally and advance my career. Now, I can tap into a community that has the unique resources to help me think through some of my most complex obstacles at any time—specialized knowledge and deep experience that is rarely accessible through domain expertise, business schools, or general consultants.

Donna Peek, CSAP
Director, Global Alliances & Channels

Our ASAP Global Membership has helped establish SAS as a leader in alliance management, and demonstrated both to our partner community and to prospective partners that the company strives to be a ‘partner of choice.' It has provided training and professional development opportunities to our team through local chapter meetings, conferences, webinars, _Best Practice Bulletin_s, and many other resources. It has enabled us to extend critical training, including the ability to obtain certification, to all of our alliance professionals around the world. It has expanded our network and knowledge base by connecting us with other leading alliance organizations with which we share best practices.

Equally important, Global Membership has built our ‘alliance brand.' Moreover, it has provided us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the discipline; Global Membership symbolizes our support of the only professional association dedicated to promoting and advancing both the profession and the people who live it every day.

Jack Pearson, CSAP
Managing Director & Chief Alliance Officer
Alliance Development International

Employers are becoming increasingly aware that their future business success will hinge upon how well they maximize the financial return coming from their strategic alliances. Clearly, this realization has focused attention on how well these partnerships are to be managed. As this trend escalates, executives that possess critical skills in partnership oversight will rise to the top of the candidate pools. Those who are professionally trained in the complex aspects of successful alliance management will gain an even greater edge as opportunities to elevate into positions of higher responsibility become available. The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals is the only professional organization that offers this important training requirement.

Frank Curran
Business Development/Alliances

As a member, I have used ASAP for so many different reasons: to support my professional growth by attending chapter meetings, attend events put on by ASAP Global, and use the Member Resource Library. The networking and learning has been exceptional in supporting my personal and professional goals. ASAP has also provided me the opportunity to give back to the profession. I started my membership by speaking at an event. I then became a member and today I serve on ASAP's chapter leadership team as president of the New England chapter.

Erna Arnesen, CSAP
V.P. Global Channel & Partner Marketing

ASAP is a tremendous professional organization that counts in its membership a wide range of well respected companies and individual members in the field of strategic alliances. As a global member with several large corporations, I have continually benefited from the educational programs, certification, conferences, chapter events, and best practices guides available through ASAP. In addition, I have made tremendous connections with many alliance professionals and executives that have added immeasurably to my personal and professional life.

Joost Allard, CA-AM
Founder & CEO

The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals is a vibrant organization of and for professionals who are pioneering the successful adoption of alliance management techniques in their organizations. The stimulating interaction among the members is one reason why I have been a member for more than 10 years.

Through my participation as a committee member in ASAP I have personally witnessed this association grow and mature in lock step with the growing recognition of the importance of alliances and partnerships in business. For anyone interested in learning 'how to do alliances right,' this is the association to belong to!

If your company is involved with partnerships and alliances, you should introduce it to the unique materials and opportunities for best-practice sharing ASAP offers.

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