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ASAP Netcast Webinar Series

The ASAP Netcast Webinar Series are a FREE member benefit featuring thought leaders in the alliance and collaboration profession who deliver in-depth analysis and how-to information on subjects most pressing to the professional. Each hour-long webinar delves into the challenges and solutions around both overarching topics related to alliance management, and even subjects specific industries and practices.

Netcast Webinars are scheduled monthly (see our calendar) and are archived in the Member Resource Library for ASAP members who miss the professional development opportunity.

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See a selection of summaries from our recent powerful and educational webinars below and inquire about membership today!

Reading Between the Lines: Living in Contract White Space

December 14, 2017


Your team tirelessly negotiates a deal over many months. Both CEOs have high expectations for the value this alliance will create. The deal you struck covered all the bases and included your preferred terms and conditions. But, early in implementation, issues arise. The contract did not contemplate or provide for those issues, and now the collaboration is faltering. How do you navigate the white space between what the contract contemplates and the real-world developments in the alliance?


Christine A. Carberry, CSAP
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals

Andy Eibling, CSAP

Launching A New Alliance: Creating a Platform for Alliance Success

December 7, 2017


Webinar Sponsored by Vantage Partners

After a deal is signed and a new alliance formed, the new alliance launch process presents the first opportunity to set up an alliance for future success, by proactively putting in place an optimal "alliance operating model" to ensure the success of the alliance in the face of immediate and future challenges.


Renee Jansen, CA-AM
Vantage Partners

Look at us Now! Impactful Methods to Increase Your Alliance Management Maturity

November 16, 2017


Participants in this session will pack their bags and take a journey into learning how MedImmune enhanced its alliance management maturity level over the past year and a half. In early 2016, MedImmune found it difficult to manage its 50-plus strategic alliances in an organized, efficient manner.


David A. Vallo, CA-AM, MS, PMP

David Auerbach, CA-AM, MBA, MS

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