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CA-AM (Certificate of Achievement - Alliance Management) Certification Exam Prep Workshop

Planning to take the CA-AM exam? Attend this workshop for exploration and reinforcement of key alliance concepts that will be covered in the CA-AM exam.

The knowledge exchange in this professional development workshop will be strengthened by robust group discussion and case scenario analyses. Based on principles covered in The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide&emdash;considered “the bible of partnering practice”&emdash;this interactive course will address the following topics: Alliance Life Cycle Framework, Strategic Rationale and Readiness, Alliance Selection, Alliance Execution, Planning and Organizing Skills, and Management and Leadership Skills.

“CA-AM training and certification provides a common language and a common set of processes and tools.”&emdash;Mary Jo Struttmann, CA-AM, Astellas

“Most of our SAS alliance professionals are at least CA-AM certified now, and that adds to our credibility [and] helps SAS to establish our alliance 'brand' with both our internal constituencies and with our partners.”&emdash;Donna Peek, CSAP, SAS

CSAP (Certified Strategic Alliance Professional) Exam Prep Workshop

Are you ready to take your career to the next level through CSAP certification? Attend this workshop to advance your knowledge and skills not just as an alliance management professional but as an alliance leader.

Led by Dave Luvison an experienced CSAP-certified member and one of the lead curriculum developers, the workshop will go beyond knowledge-building to include vigorous discussion about key senior leadership attributes such as alliance management judgment. Each module begins with a brief case scenario designed to spark conversation around key alliance management themes, reviews related concepts, and concludes with a summary of key takeaways.

Based on the principles covered in The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide, this interactive course will address the following areas covered in the CSAP exam: Alliance Strategy and Partner Selection; Alliance Formation Processes; Managing Alliances; Developing Organizational Alliance Skillsets; and Fostering Collaborative Organizational Mindsets.

“Based on the inquiries we receive from potential partners about having ASAP certified individuals on staff, we know this is an important capability”&emdash;Covance

“Because of these credentials, colleagues seek my guidance and counsel on alliance matters as a recognized expert within our company.”&emdash;Anthony DeSpirito, CSAP, Schneider Electric

“No matter the industry or company, these disciplines are vital for successful alliance strategy, selection, on-board, build-up, maturation, and expansion.”&emdash;R. Lynn Richard, CSAP

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