Partnering Everywhere:
Expert Leadership for the Ecosystem

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Today we work in a brave new world of customer-centric partnering—with unrelenting competition—across industries, sectors, and ecosystems. New partners. New models. New value sources. And new skills required even for the masters of alliance management.

Welcome to “Partnering Everywhere: Expert Leadership for the Ecosystem,” the March 1–4, 2016 ASAP Global Alliance Summit in National Harbor, Maryland. As always, this annual ASAP conclave—the preeminent gathering of the world's leading experts and practitioners of partnering and alliance management—helps its participants grapple with the most profound challenges and opportunities for collaboration in the business world. This year will be no exception, as we bring together the unmatched expertise, intellectual content, and peer-to-peer conversation that is the hallmark of every ASAP event.

While the fundamentals remain, alliance management skills of even five years ago are insufficient for the context and content of today's Partnering Everywhere world. At the 2016 ASAP Global Alliance Summit, you'll learn just what it takes today to:

  • Manage partnering strategically across the enterprise—yet with a relentless focus on execution
  • Act boldly amidst uncertainty—and know with whom to partner now
  • Drive exponential value from partnering, in whatever forms that partnering and value take

Join us March 1–4 at the 2016 ASAP Global Alliance Summit to learn from the very best thinking and success stories (and to share yours with others). Then return to your job renewed and ready to take on your boldest bets—and most gnarly challenges! Bring back to your organization and partners the expert leadership capabilities you need to partner everywhere—and thrive in the ecosystem.

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