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PTC's Sandy Smith Becomes the Latest CSAP; ASAP Welcomes Seven New CA-AMs

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 1/24/2013

Congratulations go out to the latest alliance professional to obtain the highest level of certification in the profession, the Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP). Sandy Smith, director of partner strategy at PTC, became the latest to earn the designation earlier this year.

In addition, the following ASAP members have earned CA-AM certification:
  • Vivian Palumbo, Citrix
  • Ulrich Osswald, Novartis
  • Markus Pratschke, Novartis
  • Andy Barlow, PTC
  • Hossein Entekhabi, SAS
  • Jim Gregg, SAS
  • Kathleen Jaworski, SAS
  • Amir Sohrabi, SAS
Many congrats once again to the newly certified pros!

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Silicon Valley Chapter Stalwart Erna Arnesen Profiled in Forbes Blog

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 1/22/2013

Sasha Galbraith, partner at Jay Galbraith Management Consultants and the operator of a regular Forbes blog that examines issues related to women in very senior corporate leadership roles, profiled an event held by nonprofit Watermark to recognize ASAP member Erna Arnesen as one of the “Women Who Have Made Their Mark” in 2012. Watermark’s mission is to help women senior executives accelerate their careers and network with other top professionals in the corporate world.

Galbraith relayed several of Arnesen’s lessons for women making their initial forays into serving on advisory boards. Don’t overdo it trying to prove yourself in your first board position. Learn from your board peers and continue to expand your contacts. Investigate the growing number of learning programs and business school offerings dedicated to issues and situations dealt with by boards. Don’t spread yourself thin by taking positions on several boards when you have a full-time job; board participation is about quality not quantity.

Arnesen previously served on ASAP’s board in her recently concluded stint as vice president of global and strategic services at Cisco, and she is still very active within the organization. She is one of the four “lead mentors” of the Silicon Valley Chapter’s new mentor program, and she took part in a roundtable at the 2012 Global Alliance Summit that examined coopetition in the services business through lens of the Cisco-IBM services alliance. We also spoke with Arnesen for a story on how organizations train non–alliance management personnel in the finer points of working with alliances that was published in our Q1 2012 issue of Strategic Alliance Magazine.

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Persuading Through Storytelling—Recognizing a Good Story Is the First Step to Crafting One

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 1/16/2013

The forthcoming Q1 2013 edition of Strategic Alliance Magazine is in production and on track to arrive mailboxes around mid-February. In this edition, we debut a new section titled “Your Career” that presents an in-depth look at how to apply the skill of effective storytelling to the ongoing affairs of alliance management professionals. This topic was explored at the 2012 ASAP BioPharma Conference by communications consultant Trisha Griffin-Carty, president of Griffin-Carty Communications. Griffin-Carty’s session received rave reviews, and she will now be delivering an updated version of her presentation and discussion at the 2013 ASAP Global Alliance Summit.

Storytelling was also the subject of an ASAP Asia Collaborative Business Community chapter event last May held in Melbourne, Australia. The discussion was led by Shawn Callahan, founder and codirector of management consulting firm Anecdote Pty Ltd. (Both Griffin-Carty and Callahan are quoted in the Q1 2013 Strategic Alliance Magazine “Your Career” piece.) At the Asia Collaborative Business Community meeting, Callahan expressed surprise at how often he encounters folks who don’t recognize the elements of a story. It is not uncommon for people to confuse a testimonial, for example, with an actual anecdote, he said.

Callahan spent the better part of the event relating the art of storytelling to the business world, but he also took some time to outline for attendees certain identifying markers of an actual story. With the caveat that these are not hard and fast rules but rather rules of thumb, Callahan said to look out for the following elements:
  • Time markers (e.g., “Just three weeks ago…” or “A while back, when we were beginning this collaboration…”)
  • Events (e.g., “At a governance meeting last month…”)
  • Dialogue (e.g., “I met with the CEO of X company, and I remember telling him…”
  • Unanticipated part (e.g., a moment the narrative is building towards)
For our “Your Career” article, Callahan illustrated this last facet with a story about a recently-hired CEO of an Australian bank who found it curious that some of his new organization’s conference rooms were completely empty, while the other half were in constant use throughout the day. On the doors of the empty ones he found signs explaining that the rooms were available exclusively to general managers and senior leaders. The new CEO walked into all the empty meeting rooms and ripped the signs off the walls, thereby sending the company the message that conference rooms were to be booked based on business need, not employee rank. The crescendo of the CEO tearing off the signs is an example of an unanticipated moment.

Future editions of “Your Career” will focus on a particular topic related to skills development and career advancement.

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Polycom, AT&T Partner Around Video Conferencing Solutions

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 1/15/2013

Two companies trying to make the shift away from hardware-centered models are teaming up around video conferencing services. AT&T will now offer ASAP Corporate Member Polycom's RealPresence virtual meeting and video conferencing capabilities to its broader bundles.

Last year, Polycom consolidated its partner structure in the midst of its shift to a strategy centered around software-based solutions. In the upcoming Q1 2013 Strategic Alliance Magazine, Polycom president and CEO Andrew Miller spoke to us about the broader implications of the partner program reorganization in the context of this shift.

"Our strategy has always been about best-of-breed interoperability using open standards, and in recent years we’ve been shifting from a hardware-focused company to a software-led company focused on solutions selling to better achieve that. The new Polycom Partner Network reflects our 'open' strategy by helping break down the barriers between partners to create a coalition of technology and channel partners who work together to create, integrate, and deliver transformative solutions," he said.

In recent years, Polycom has geared itself to the new tech consumer reality by making its enterprise-class video conferencing solutions interoperable with non-Polycom hardware, accessible through mobile devices, and available via the cloud.

The AT&T partnership hopes to be a positive manifestation of these moves that results in customer growth within the former's large client base.

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Start Your New Alliance Management Job or Hire Search at the ASAP Career Center!

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 1/11/2013

It’s the beginning of the New Year and the time to make good on your resolution to find a new job. It’s the beginning of a new quarter, and maybe even a new fiscal year in your company; you have the green light to fill those positions that will help you manage your growing alliance portfolio.

If you indeed are looking for a change professionally, make ASAP’s Alliance Management Career Center the hub of your job search. Sift through hundreds of postings of the best alliance management and alliance-related jobs from leading companies such as Xerox, Cisco, Novartis, and Microsoft; post your resume; and set up job alerts so you can get a jump on the right job for you immediately after it posts.

Prospective employers, the Alliance Management Career Center is the place to turn to find the most accomplished alliance management professionals on the market. Create a recruiter account now and develop a company profile, post and manage your job openings, and search hundreds of posted resumes for the job candidates that fit your skills needs and corporate culture. ASAP Global Members should be sure to take advantage of complimentary job postings that come with their membership by contacting Lori Gold at or 781-562-1630 ext 203!

Let the Alliance Management Career Center lead you to the job or the candidate that’s right for you. Create an account today and accomplish your employment goals in 2013!

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