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New Crop of CA-AMs Represents 14 Organizations Across Multiple Industries

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 4/1/2013

32 more alliance professionals have obtained the Certification of Achievement–Alliance Management (CA-AM), the basic certification that signifies a mastery of core operational competencies related to running an existing alliance. These individuals have boosted their careers as certified alliance professionals on balance steer their alliances to their goals at a higher rate than partnerships run by uncertified personnel.

Congratulations to the following newly CA-AM–certified professionals:
  • Chaz Nichols, Amico International
  • Fred Darnell, Availity, LLC
  • Tanya Ferris, Availity, LLC
  • Gene Funkhouser, Availity, LLC
  • Steve Jax, Availity, LLC
  • Matthew McCredie, Availity, LLC
  • Ana Brown, Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Simon Hayes, Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Michael Nabhan, Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Peter Woodward, Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Brent Miller, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
  • Lane Nordell, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
  • Warren Orr, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
  • Angela Boyhan, Norgine
  • Christian Schirvel, Novartis
  • Chris Hipple, Panduit
  • Boris Perlin, Panduit
  • Karen Harris, PTC
  • Derek Dreyer, SAS Institute
  • Varun Joshi, SAS Institute
  • William Campbell, Schneider Electric
  • Pere Huguet, Schneider Electric
  • David Haas, SunGard Public Sector, Inc.
  • William Cunningham, USAA
  • Julie Laferty, USAA
  • Brian Moore, USAA
  • Jill Archer, Verizon
  • Jamie French, Verizon
  • Theresa Hardy, Verizon
  • Peter Hirsch, Verizon
  • Robert Juliano, Verizon
  • Paul Dodge, Ricoh Americas Corporation

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Microsoft: Business As Usual for Cloud ERP Partners

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 3/29/2013

Come June, Microsoft's Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications will be available on its Azure cloud platform. What does this mean for Microsoft's reseller partners that have been selling the Redmond, Wash., giant's hosted ERP solutions? This IDG News Service Q&A has some of the answers.

"'It's all the things you can expect from an enterprise-grade cloud service," namely "stability, protection, security and the ability to scale and grow," said Kirill Tatarinov, president of Microsoft's Business Solutions division, in an interview at Convergence. "Azure is elastic. The fact they can grow without adding servers is huge for them.'

In addition, it's all business as usual for partners with respect to Dynamics consulting on Azure. Dynamics ERP is sold through channel partners, many of whom add extensions that fine tune the software for a particular customer's needs. That won't change, and partner-built extensions will also run on Azure."

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Gentle on My Mind: NCAA, NFL, GE, and Others Collaborate to Prevent Brain Injuries

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 3/28/2013

For U.S. college basketball fans, March Madness is in full swing—but the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is proving that there’s method amid the madness, and it’s listening to the head as well as the heart.

As part of its commitment to the health and safety of student-athletes, big-time college sports’ governing body has announced that it will participate in an unprecedented strategic alliance formed by the National Football League and General Electric to facilitate innovation and advance research into brain injuries.

The Head Health Initiative will be a four-year, $60 million collaboration funded by the NFL, GE, and Under Armour, and supported by the NCAA and the U.S. military. Its goal is to develop next-generation imaging technologies to improve diagnosis and management of concussions and uncover innovative approaches to protecting the brain.

The far-ranging initiative hopes not only to protect amateur and professional athletes but to develop technologies that can protect and treat military personnel and the general public as well. NCAA president Mark Emmert said the strategic alliance is an extension of the NCAA’s 107-year-old founding mission to protect the health and well-being of student-athletes.

“Now you have a moment where there are 460,000 college students playing NCAA sports across the United States,” Emmert said at the initiative’s March 11 announcement in New York. “They play in 23 different sports. They participate in 89 different championships. But the mission of the NCAA is still exactly the same: to make sure we provide for and are attentive to the health and well-being of those young men and those young women. To have this initiative going forward to provide the kind of research and innovation that we all need to keep track of and protect our young people from injuries while they participate in sport and beyond is a wonderful moment for us.”

The NCAA will support research funded by the partnership by providing scientists with opportunities to study concussions and their effects beyond football—the sport that has brought the injury’s detrimental effects to the forefront of health and safety discussions. It will also encourage its member institutions to participate in the initiative by having medical staff who work with student-athletes speak with students about volunteering for study.

Student-athlete participation will allow the initiative to expand beyond football to other sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, and ice hockey. Volunteers from the NCAA’s community of student-athletes will provide the diversity in concussion studies necessary to understand how the risks and effects might differ between women and men, and in different sports.

The NCAA has sought to play a greater role in recent years to protect athletes from concussions by funding research, adjusting playing rules, and providing concussion management guidelines. For example, a recent change to kickoff rules in football reduced the number of concussions on those plays last fall by 50 percent. The NCAA has also funded grants to research various aspects of the injuries in recent years, including one of the first large-scale, long-range examinations of concussions, currently being conducted by four NCAA-member universities.

The collaboration between the NFL, GE, the NCAA, and other partners aims to develop the technologies needed to more accurately diagnose brain injuries and develop protocols to more effectively treat them. Some of those existing technologies, such as Diffusor Tensor Imaging (DTI) coupled with functional brain imaging, broaden the view of the brain for researchers and could provide more powerful tools for diagnosis. The partnership aims to develop those technologies and make them more widely available to definitively diagnose brain injuries at earlier stages.

Representatives of each partner stressed that the Head Health Initiative’s focus is not exclusive to football, or even to sports. It aims to take a broader view of the issue and use what is learned on the competitive courts and fields to improve the health care available to the general public, where concussions are a risk in bicycle accidents, auto collisions, and household accidents just as they are on a football field.

“This is going to be felt more broadly in the health care system than just what we’re talking about today,” said GE chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt. “We are going to bring the best of the best to this effort to really study the diagnosis, track therapies, and do everything we can around the whole science of mild and traumatic brain injury.”

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ASAP Certifies 100th CSAP

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 3/19/2013

At the 2013 ASAP Global Alliance Summit, 14 alliance management veterans passed the exam for earning the Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP) credential, the most advanced level of certification.

This new crop of alliance management experts helped the community reach a milestone; we now have more than 100 CSAPs demonstrating a command of the full alliance life cycle from inception to termination/reevaluation on behalf of their respective organizations. Congratulations go out to the following seasoned warhorses:
  • Andy Eibling, Covance
  • Christoph Sarry, F. Hoffmann - La Roche
  • Nancy Breiman, IBM
  • Joan Meltzer, IBM
  • Subhojit Roye, Infosys
  • Janice Babia-Ramos, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
  • Ron McRae, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
  • Vinnie Rivera, Nationwide
  • Annlouise Goodermuth, Sanofi
  • Andrew Lockhart, SAS
  • Susan Hed, Schneider Electric
  • Parth Amin, Varian Medical Systems
  • Karen Robinson, Verizon
  • Mark Ballinger, Xerox

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Midwest, New England, Silicon Valley, RTP Usher in ASAP's Exciting Next Chapter

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 20, 2014
Originally posted on 3/14/2013

At last week’s 2013 ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards Recognition Dinner, we did more than honor the previous year’s best alliances and portfolios; we celebrated the most successful chapter initiatives—the events and programs that bring the state-of-the-art alliance management knowledge and high-quality networking opportunities closer to home for ASAP members. Awards were handed out in three categories to recognize four chapters for their efforts in delivering the ASAP value proposition regionally.

Category: Program Innovation

Winners: Midwest and Silicon Valley

Unfortunately, not everybody can make the annual Global Alliance Summit, so the Midwest chapter brought presenters and attendees from the 2012 edition of the event to Chicago to reprise four of the most well-received sessions at Caesars Palace. At the conclusion of this reenactment, some attendees told chapter leaders that they now had a case to fund attendance for this year’s Summit and beyond.

Through a series of face-to-face events, the Silicon Valley chapter’s “Game Changer” series addressed topics like partner marketing, collaborative partnering, and alliance ecosystems — the latter of which served in part as the basis for this year’s Global Alliance Summit opening plenary. The program's individual events gathered chapter members together to hear “partners” and “thought leaders” discuss technology-driven business model innovation. The chapter’s Game Changer series attracted 250 attendees across the three sessions, with more than 30 companies represented.

Category: Sharing Best Practices

Winner: New England

The New England Chapter not only developed a comprehensive plan to bring great content to existing and prospective members that aligned with ASAP Global, it also shared the details with the rest of ASAP’s regional chapters to assist them in designing their local activities to support the goals of the corporate office. The chapter’s leadership team spent several months developing the strategy, goals, objectives, and metrics to guide and measure this plan to support the growth and leadership of the chapter. They also initiated proactive outreach at the chapter level to prospective and existing members and began the creation of a universal value proposition.

Category: Excellence in Overall Chapter Operations

Winner: Research Triangle Park (RTP)

In efforts to expand its membership and reach new audiences, the RTP chapter ran a very successful event in 2012 focused on the dynamics of “triple helix” partnerships—alliances between private sector businesses, universities, and government organizations—that was ultimately turned into a well-received ASAP Netcast webinar. The event achieved its goal of helping to recruit new members and diversifying the chapter’s leadership team. RTP has made good on ASAP Global’s objective of having its chapters facilitate great networking at the regional level; it has increased face-to-face interactions through local events, and has varied its program content to serve chapter members with diverse industry backgrounds. Moreover, the RTP chapter has set a high bar in terms of the number of leaders and members who are CA-AM and CSAP certified.

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