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How BeyondTrust’s Partnering Strategy Accelerates Growth into New Markets amidst Increasing Cyber Attacks

Posted By Genevieve Fraser, Thursday, March 23, 2017

Today’s headlines are a cautionary reminder of the increasing need for effective cybersecurity. Kevin Hickey, president and CEO of BeyondTrust,  reminded the audience of that fact as he took center stage during the March 1 Leadership Spotlight plenary session at the 2017 ASAP Global Alliance Summit, “Profit, Innovation, and Value for the Partnering Enterprise,” at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego, California.  His talk, “Leveraging Partners to Accelerate Growth and Enter New Markets,” built upon his extensive C-suite background in cybersecurity, vulnerability management, mission critical applications, and IT services at companies such as E-Eye Digital Security, Netpro, Homebid, and Viasoft, Inc.  

“In B2B software, the old perpetual model was to pay for a license and maintenance, and each year you’d put together a business plan to grow the top line. Now, in the privileged account management market, you need to think ‘Snowden’ and how to stop him,” he said.

Hickey’s remarks were made as one who is well aware of the dangers lurking inside and outside a company’s cyber walls. BeyondTrust is a cybersecurity company dedicated to proactively eliminating data breaches from insider privilege abuse and external hacking attacks. During Hickey’s nearly five-year tenure as president and CEO, the company has maintained significant growth rates and profitability, expanding to more than 400 employees and serving over 4,000 customers worldwide.

But emerging customer awareness of unprecedented cybersecurity threats and demand for vulnerability management is no guarantee for success in the field. “Today, the competition is very intense. And, yes, you can sign up lots of partners, but how do you differentiate between partners? What are the variables? You need to think it through and make sure the team fully understands. It requires constant educationweeklyso they do understand,” he maintains.

“For us, it’s not just about what we want to do, and where we are weak, and if you grew 35 percent. That’s great to know. But how do you continue to grow? It’s important to not only look at yourselves but what others have done. Look to those models. What did they do to be successful? You need to really understand your community, what's happening and how to assess it,” he continued. “To be successful, you must have tech partners that are tightly integrated. The question you must ask is, ‘What's in it for everyone?’ Then you need to map it out for folks.”

Put together a franchise kit, he then advised. Make sure the education is crisp and concise. Start small and expand. “You might be the one chasing them more often than not, but get them engaged. If there’s a problem, is it fixable or do we move on? Develop a shared expectation piece where it becomes evident what needs to be done to move forward. Start small, and publicize the hell out of it. Then others will want to play,” he concluded.

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Fall 2016 SAM: New Frontiers in Academic Alliances; Interview with a Star Trek Writer and Gaming Professor; the Need to Think ‘Bigger than your Biggest Partner;’ and Much More!

Posted By Cynthia B. Hanson, Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Fall Strategic Alliance Magazine delves into several new frontiers in alliance management. This issue stretches both imagination and potential with a cover story on academic partnering, “Bringing Academia aboard the Enterprise.” The article explores the history of invention in academia and then shifts to the driving forces today that are making academia an increasingly desirable partner, and how to maximize the potential.


Readers are also treated to an interview with Professor Lee Sheldon, a former writer for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and several other well-known Hollywood television series, on creating collaboratively.  Now a professor of practice in interactive media and game development at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, Sheldon believes that “bad teams are the ones that cannot communicate and can’t get past their position.”  The better teams “communicate and understand and respect the positions of others outside of their own areas of expertise,” and every challenge can be met by a game.


This issue’s Collaborative Buzz highlights innovative partnering and provides a peek into the topic for next spring’s 2017 Global Alliances Summit, “From Science Fiction to Reality,” by Illumina Innovator Alex Dickinson.


In his Up Front column “Gaining a Global Perspective,” ASAP CEO Michael Leonetti, CSAP, emphasizes the importance of a global perspective so essential today for alliance managers as he reflects on the programming from the recent ASAP European Alliance Summit. The “diversity of nations and industries,” and nearly double the attendance, provide a launching pad for his thoughts on how to lead with a winning formula: “Think bigger than your biggest partner—and communicate the value on that level,” he writes. Leonetti also integrates some ideas from the recent leadership forum at the 2016 ASAP Biopharma Conference. Speaking of which, there’s a recap is this issue of the conference that covers the wide range of interactive sessions and dynamic participants this year.


Dip into the “Your Career” column for some practical insight from by Eric Rosenson, senior vice president of talent acquisition at Ruderfer & Associates, and Greg Flanagan, president and founder of Emerging Healthcare Partners. John DeWitt writes about how these two search professionals challenge, enlighten, and provoke alliance executives “out of any complacency they might have about career advancement” as well as discussed valuable topics such as “transferrable skillsets—negotiation skills, knowledge of partnership from a business development and sales organization perspec­tive, and other capabilities that are commonly sought in alliance managers.”


The Member Spotlight shines on cybersecurity corporate member BeyondTrust in Genevieve Fraser’s interview with Joe Schramm, vice president of strategic alliances. Keys to successful partnering include treating the “partner’s win as sacred,” says Schramm in an interview that looks at the major areas of competition in cybersecurity and how strategic alliances accelerate growth and provide leverage, among other things.


Eli Lilly and Company is offering from its alliance management and business training kitchen another recipe for success. Their editorial supplement instructs on how to enhance the flavor and value of an alliance “tossed salad” by adding lean six sigma to improve methodologies, speed, and quality while reducing costs.


Finally, The Close explores the relationship between discovery and progress, and highlights an alliance between MedImmune and Johns Hopkins that has resulted in an innovative program that could provide a role model for industry. The program enlists the young minds of millennials “so eager to engage in finding the next great breakthrough for society,” writes Cynthia B. Hanson. “Many millennials are waiting in the wings for the opportunity to engage in discovery provided by a well-designed industry-academic program. It’s well worth considering as part of your overall alliance management strategy,” she points out.

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