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ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards

The ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards are the alliance management community's most prestigious honor and the world's only awards celebrating advancements in the increasingly critical practice of executing strategic alliances. The Alliance Excellence Awards acknowledge major corporations, mid-sized enterprises, start-ups and public-private initiatives alike across a diverse array of industries.

Past Alliance Excellence Award winners have been measured by a variety of end results — revenue increase, new market segment penetration, product/service/technology enhancement, social impact, advancement of the profession, etc. — that have positively impacted many facets of business, including (but not limited to) marketing, sales, R&D/joint product development, regulatory affairs, strategic sourcing and services, and the channel.

Award Categories

Alliances for Corporate Social Responsibility

Alliances that have made a profound, measurable, and positive social impact. The principal objective of the alliance should be social impact, not profit — although profit, especially if used to fund program expansion, is not discouraged.

Alliance Program Excellence

Organizations that have instilled the capability to consistently implement and manage alliance portfolios and demonstrated consistent success of those alliances over time. Winners will have programs built on an integrated suite of processes, tools, professional development/alliance professional certification, and other elements.

Individual Alliance Excellence

Excellence in planning, implementation, and results of a single alliance. The alliance may be between two companies or multiple organizations. Typically the Awards Committee will select Individual Alliance Excellence winners from the following sub-categories:

  • Small and Mid-Sized Company Alliance
    Well-positioned and executed alliances by companies with less than $500 million in revenues. This category recognizes the smaller companies that have developed high-impact alliances without the resources commonly at the disposal of very large organizations.
  • Emerging Alliance
    Relatively new (typically 1-2 year) alliances that have already impacted corporate value and performance, yet do not have the track record of the long-established alliance.
  • Long-Established Alliance
    Partnerships that have sustained excellence over the course of five or more years. Typically these alliances will have overcome one or more challenges in which each partner had to adapt to evolving conditions.

Innovative Alliance Best Practice

New individual alliance management tools or processes that have made an immediate and powerful impact on the organization and/or the discipline of alliance management. These tools or processes are not comprehensive alliance programs, but additions to existing portfolios that address specific elements of alliance management such as measurement, training, conflict resolution, general communication across the partner ecosystem, or similar facet of the discipline. For example, a recent winner, HP, developed its RIPE metric to better capture the quality of alliance sales engagements.

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