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ASAP Netcast Webinar Series

The ASAP Netcast Webinar Series are a FREE member benefit featuring thought leaders in the alliance and collaboration profession who deliver in-depth analysis and how-to information on subjects most pressing to the professional. Each hour-long webinar delves into the challenges and solutions around both overarching topics related to alliance management, and even subjects specific industries and practices.

Netcast Webinars are scheduled monthly (see our calendar) and are archived in the Member Resource Library for ASAP members who miss the professional development opportunity.

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See a selection of summaries from our recent powerful and educational webinars below and inquire about membership today!

Alliances in Corporate Development: Back to the Future?

May 10, 2018


ASAP was created in a time when alliances were new for many of our members. Today, alliances are embedded in our organizations and corporate development strategies. Deep toolsets have been developed and company leadership has come to expect more from alliances. The stakes for alliance professionals have risen over the last two decades. How did alliances get here? Where are alliances headed?


Scott Cohen

Ben Gomes-Casseres, CSAP
Brandeis University

Evolving into a New Ecosystem. It's All About Aligning People.

April 19, 2018


This Netcast Webinar introduces an award-winning alliance between three government organizations that really had to change their classical management approach and behavior to make this Dutch alliance a success. It has been a long journey from a mainly vertical and hierarchical management approach by the individual alliance partners, to a more balanced approach between vertical and horizontal (collaborative) powers. In this session the story is told about the initial problems, the challenges, the philosophy, and the management approach in relation to this important alliance that collects 60% of the Dutch national tax income.


Diantha Croese

Menno Aardewijn

No Longer Any Doubt: Alliance Mgmt Is an Essential Capability of Today's Biopharmaceutical Company

March 22, 2018


Contracts require it. The smallest of companies build it into their roadmaps. It is no longer a question as to if a biopharmaceutical company–or related service companies–develop an alliance management capability. It is table stakes–a must have, not a nice to have. What alliance management looks like and what it is responsible for is as varied as the companies that make up the sector.


Jan Twombly, CSAP
The Rhythm of Business

Jeff Shuman, CSAP, PhD
The Rhythm of Business

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