2016 ASAP Global Alliance Summit Keynote

Partnering: The Connective Tissue of the Internet of Things

Jonathan Ballon
Vice President, Internet of Things

The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is massive – and it is real and it is here. In industrial companies, it is delivering higher availability of manufacturing lines, improving quality and supporting the shift to consumption based models for what were once capital expenditures. In healthcare, not only is it improving the economics, it is helping to create better outcomes for patients. It is allowing building owners to deliver a better experience to tenants, while reducing utility costs. In every industry IoT is combining the power of machines with the power of computing, creating a platform for significant economic growth and societal benefits.

Yet no one company can do it alone and everything you know about partnering is essential – but insufficient.

Our keynote speaker, Jonathan Ballon, Vice President of Intel's Internet of Things Group and General Manager, Markets and Channels Acceleration Division, will help us understand the challenges of partnering in this new environment, where the hub and spoke model is obsolete and many-to-many is the norm. He'll share examples of new value propositions and business models and shed light on the tremendous opportunity for partnering professionals in every industry.

A frequent keynote speaker at IoT conferences globally, Ballon is responsible for managing and driving revenue across a portfolio of growth segments, while also incubating new sectors and business models. In addition, he is responsible for driving scale across all IoT segments through various channels and routes to market. Prior to joining Intel, Ballon served as chief strategy officer and chief operations officer for General Electric's Industrial Internet business, and served as corporate vice president at Cisco leading the office of strategy and planning. He presently also serves as an advisor and board member to several Silicon Valley based startups and accelerators.