Quick Take Plenary
Partnering Everywhere: Expert Leadership for the Ecosystem

Today we work in a brave new world of customer-centric partnering. There is unrelenting competition across industries, sectors, and ecosystems. New partners. New models. New value sources. And new skills required even for the masters of alliance management.

In a short and sweet presentation format similar to the well-known TED Talks, each ASAP Quick Take speaker brings a fresh perspective on the Partnering Everywhere theme and a compelling story drawn from their professional experiences and thought leadership. The plenary concludes with a moderated panel that brings together all Quick Take speakers for a lively group discussion.

Bonus: Most Quick Take speakers will also participating in a breakout session on Wednesday afternoon giving attendees even more opportunities to gain valuable insights from these thought leaders.

ASAP Quick Take #1:
What Watson is Teaching Us About Building a Partner Ecosystem

Anne Nelson
Business Development Executive
IBM Watson Group

Imagine the future where you have access to an ecosystem of partners who together comprise nearly all that is known about the problem your company and its customers need solved—and the cognitive power to access this community's collective knowledge for guidance and expertise. This is the power of the IBM Watson Ecosystem program. How would you bring these partners together? Could you replicate the program for film, healthcare, banks, and educational toys? What does the Watson experience tell us about building a powerful partner ecosystem?

Anne Nelson currently leads Business Development for the Watson Ecosystem focused on recruitment of the mid to large ISV segment. Anne joined the Watson Group in January 2014 where she ran commercialized Watson Sales for the Eastern half of the US. She has been with IBM for over 30 years and has held numerous solutions and sales executive positions in client facing, emerging technologies and emerging business areas.

ASAP Quick Take #2:
The Alliance Professional as Intrapreneur

Marcus Wilson, PharmD
President & Co–Founder
HealthCore, Inc.

Seeing possibilities and recognizing value before others share your vision is an apt description of how an entrepreneur is wired. It is also a trait of a forward-thinking alliance professional. Alliance managers with a keen eye on the future of the profession are thinking now about how they can identify new areas of innovation and apply "outside-in thinking" to help advance their company's core business—or take their alliances to new levels of value creation. Learn why it is essential in our brave, new, customer-centric world.

Dr. Marcus Wilson, Co-founder and President of HealthCore, is uniquely qualified to deliver this message, having been extensively involved in efforts to utilize electronic healthcare data for evidence development and clinical decision support for innovators, regulators and payers for more than 20 years. His experience as an entrepreneur has informed and guided his current mission to improve the safety, quality, and affordability of health care through data and research.

ASAP Quick Take #3
Creating Partnering Opportunities through Open Innovation

John Bell, PhD
VP New Business, Alliances and Open Innovation
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health

Innovation-centric companies across industries are creating fluid ecosystems that fill the "wide end of the funnel." Open innovation works, as evidenced by recent data that finds openly sourced molecules are three times as likely to have filing success than if traditionally sourced. There are many different open innovation partnering models—from pre-competitive consortia and standards bodies to asset swaps and crowd sourcing. Which models to use when and what alliance professionals should focus on to mitigate risks and ensure value creation are the focus of this Quick Take from a veteran alliance executive and thought leader.

Prior to taking on his current leadership position at J&J Consumer Health, John served as the Head of Strategy and Business Development at Philips Research where he contributed to the strategic direction of the research portfolio and the role of strategic partners via public funding and Open Innovation. His involvement in accelerating end-to-end innovation and new business creation makes him uniquely qualified to address this important topic. Since 2013, John is Professor of Alliance Strategy at Tilburg University, a comparable chair to one he holds since 2003 at Radboud University of Nijmegen.

ASAP Quick Take #4
Seeing Around Corners is a Masterful Move on the Partnering Chessboard

Lawrence M. Walsh
Chief Analyst & CEO
The 2112 Group

Chess isn't a game of reaction, but anticipation. By seeing several moves ahead, players are able to strategically place their assets where needed to seize competitive advantage, while minimizing their own risk of defeat. Business is no different. To effectively manage risk, create value, and capitalize on opportunities, alliance professionals and strategists need greater situational market awareness to craft plans that have higher probabilities of success.

Larry Walsh, Chief Analyst and CEO of The 2112 Group, is one of the most recognizable figures in the IT channel and security communities, and is considered one of the more forward-thinking leaders in the industry. A seasoned journalist, analyst, author, and industry commentator, Walsh is also the founder of Channelnomics, which is a leading provider of IT channel news and analysis. An expert in a broad array of topics—cloud computing, security, analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more—Larry will provide a compelling and provocative perspective on how emerging technologies should be leveraged as next-generation business drivers by alliance professionals anticipating the next move on the partnering chessboard.

ASAP Quick Take Roundtables:
Partnering Everywhere: Expert Leadership for the Ecosystem

The Big Picture concepts raised by our plenary speakers will no doubt pique your interest for more engagement with the new ideas, new models and new skill sets required to be successful in a Partnering Everywhere world. Join the conversation at roundtable discussions with your peers and colleagues and explore the alliance leadership topics that matter most to you. Discussions will be facilitated by distinguished ASAP members and industry thought leaders. Key takeaways will be shared post-conference through various ASAP media outlets.

Round Table Topics & Facilitators

  1. Strategic Alliance Management across the Enterprise
    Nancy Griffin, CA-AM

  2. Strategic Alliance Management across the Enterprise
    Steve Twait, CSAP

  3. Strategic Alliance Management across the Enterprise
    Scott Bartos, CA-AM

  4. The First 100 Days of an Alliance
    Judy Swilley
    INC Research

  5. The First 100 Days of an Alliance
    Donna Peek, CSAP

  6. The First 100 Days of an Alliance
    Thad Zylka
    JDA Software

  7. Succession Planning for Long-term Alliances
    Christine Carberry, CSAP
    FORUM Pharmaceuticals

  8. Succession Planning for Long-term Alliances
    Ron McRae, CSAP
    Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

  9. Knowing with Whom to Partner Now
    Becky Lockwood, CSAP
    RSL Associates

  10. Knowing with Whom to Partner Now
    Geoffrey Keith Wright
    Xerox Corporation

  11. How Do You Define Alliance Leadership?
    Cindy Warren
    Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

  12. How Do You Define Alliance Leadership?
    Joseph Havrilla
    Bayer Pharmaceuticals

  13. Delivering Differentiated Value – What’s needed to set you and your company apart today and in the future?
    Jeffrey Cummings, CSAP, PhD
    Loyola University Maryland

  14. Delivering Differentiated Value – What’s needed to set you and your company apart today and in the future?
    Karen Denton, CA-AM
    Bayer HealthCare

  15. Vendor or Partner - Who is responsible for the success of a channel relationship?
    Dede Haas, CA-AM
    DLH Services

  16. Vendor or Partner - Who is responsible for the success of a channel relationship?
    Subhojit Roye, CSAP

  17. Shameless Self-Promotion for Alliance Professionals
    Sheila Westmoreland

  18. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Alliances You Really Should Know
    Parth Amin, CSAP
    Vision RT

  19. Tools for Alliance Management Success
    José Carreira, CA-AM

  20. Managing Conflicts and Dealing with Differences
    Candido Arreche, CA-AM

  21. Can a Company's Strategic Alliance and Channel Organizations Easily Co-Exist?
    Russ Buchanan, CSAP

  22. True or False? A Vendor Channel Account Manager's #1 priority is to help their partners build their businesses
    Leona Kral

  23. Keynote "Hot Takes": The IoT Brings Challenges and Opportunities for Partnering Professionals
    Jeffrey Shuman, CSAP, PhD
    The Rhythm of Business

  24. Quick Take "Hot Takes": Seeing Around Corners
    Diana Mirakaj
    The 2112 Group

  25. Quick Take "Hot Takes": Alliance Professional as Intrapreneur
    Brooke Paige, CSAP
    HealthCore, Inc.