ASAP membership aids Individual, Corporate, and Global Members in improving their business collaborations and furthering their professional development in several ways:
  • Apply state-of-the-art tools, practices, and processes for alliance planning and execution
  • Engage with a community of highly accomplished alliance management professionals who not only share your challenges but also have the blueprints to overcome them
  • Design and build their company’s alliance management function
  • Promote their organization as “partner of choice” within their industry
  • Influence all pertinent stakeholders to contribute to making alliances flourish
  • Network with professionals from a variety of industries to find their next job, partner, or employee
  • Obtain the requisite training in the discipline’s hard and soft skills
  • Illustrate to C-level executives and other stakeholders the value generated by an alliance portfolio and the Alliance Management practice
  • Keep current with the latest high-level collaboration strategies
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The ASAP alliance management certification program offers members the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of core alliance skills and the management of all forms of collaborative business relationships.

The program features two levels of certification:
  • Certification of Achievement–Alliance Management (CA-AM) – the basic level of certification for up-and-coming alliance professionals
  • Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP) – the advanced level of certification for seasoned practitioners with a command of the full alliance life cycle from inception to termination

Why Become Certified?
Certification has been proven to have value to both individuals and the organization for which they work. Successful alliance managers exhibit in-depth knowledge of a wide range of skills. Through certification, alliance managers demonstrate their knowledge of these skills.

In addition, certification represents a level of professional achievement. Becoming certified also demonstrates a commitment to the profession. Just as important, certified alliance management professionals are recognized leaders and serve as role models within the alliance management profession.

ASAP’s certifications are increasingly recognized as the standard for alliance managers.

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Questions about certification? Contact Jennifer Silver at or +1.781.562.1630 x205.