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ASAP BioPharma Conference

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2019 ASAP BioPharma Conference
September 23–25, 2019
Hyatt Regency Boston
One Avenue de Lafayette
Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 02111

You can view our last BioPharma Conference's overview site by clicking here.

The ASAP BioPharma Conference is the pivotal event each year for partnering executives in health and life sciences. Our job is more challenging than ever. We lead increasingly complex and diverse collaborations spanning industries and sectors. As our industries relentlessly evolve and interconnect, success or failure - in a global ecosystem of pharma leaders, biotech innovators, service organizations, providers, agencies, academia, patient advocates, and more - now hinges on the adroit leadership of partnering executives.

  • How we lead makes all the difference. We must be strategic and proactive - and relentlessly focus on execution. We must guide our organizations as they collaborate across boundaries - and operationalize brand new business models in an increasingly interconnected network of new and existing partners.
  • We must seize opportunities and root out risks wherever we find them. Our organizations rely on our expertise to see around corners, anticipate what's next, and move forward confidently through unfamiliar, often perilous landscapes.
  • It takes a rock-solid management foundation to deliver the goods. You can't "wing it" with partnering and collaboration - ASAP's alliance management expertise, training, shared knowledge, certification, and community are your building blocks of success.

As partnering executives, it's our job to capture and deliver the value envisioned in every collaboration. The ASAP BioPharma Conference brings you the perspective of visionary leadership, the expertise to act amidst uncertainty, and the management skills to engage stakeholders and integrate partnering throughout the business. Healthier outcomes for people - and billions in stakeholder revenue - hang in the balance.

As a benefit of membership, ASAP members receive discounted registration rates to this event.

You will be in Good Company at the BioPharma Conference!

Attendee Titles

Director – 25%
Executive – 20%
Senior Level – 20%
Other – 16%
Manager – 11%
Partner/Principal – 8%

Summit Attendees Reside...

International - 18%
United States - 82%

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