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Certification Overview

The ASAP alliance management certification program offers members the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of core alliance skills and the management of all forms of collaborative business relationships. The program features two levels of certification:

Certification of Achievement–Alliance Management (CA-AM) — the first level of certification for up–and–coming alliance professionals

Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP) — the advanced level of certification for seasoned practitioners with a command of the full alliance life cycle from inception to termination

Why Become Certified

Certification has been proven to have value to both individuals and the organization for which they work. Successful alliance managers exhibit in-depth knowledge of a wide range of skills. Through certification, alliance managers demonstrate their knowledge of these skills.

In addition, certification represents a level of professional achievement. Becoming certified also demonstrates a commitment to the profession. Just as important, certified alliance management professionals are recognized leaders and serve as role models within the alliance management profession.

ASAP's certifications are increasingly recognized as the standard for alliance managers.

To the Organization To the Individual
  • Higher alliance success rate than industry average
  • Quicker time–to market
  • Optimal agreements — Leave nothing on table
  • Increased revenues: Leverage value
  • Mitigation of risk
  • High Customer satisfaction rates
  • Develops benchmark for skill set of alliance team members
  • Validate and strengthen alliance management expertise
  • Increasing potential earning power
  • Be a more competitive candidate
  • Increase alliance IQ
  • Establishes credibility
Alliance Competencies and Skills

ASAP has established the following skill sets for alliance management professionals. These competencies are skills that can be learned or developed through experience. The competencies detailed come from the ASAP Alliance Management Professional Development Guide.

Individuals seeking certification will be tested on ASAP’s Context & Core Competencies. In addition to being a successful Alliance Manager, individuals should have a complete knowledge of their organizations business & industry and their companies specific competencies.

For a complete description click on a competency in the image below:

Click here for a downloadable description of all competencies.

Get Certified

Membership in ASAP is required to obtain certification. We invite you to learn more about membership and our certifications programs by contacting ASAP's Director of Membership Services Lori Gold at 781–562–1630 ext. 203 or

For more information email us at or call +1-781-562-1630