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Certification Testimonials

Christoph Huwe, Ph.D., CSAP
Strategic Alliance Manager Therapeutics
Bayer Pharmaceuticals

ASAP certification is a way of demonstrating commitment to the profession. It encourages you to keep working on continuous education and personal development, and on helping to develop the body of knowledge. It demonstrates that you have understood the concepts and that you can successfully apply them, and when you meet other CSAPs you can be sure that they are familiar with the concepts as well, and are likely thinking similarly about alliance management.

Helen Morin, CSAP
Senior Director, US Alliances & Channels and Global Business Operations
SAS Institute

My CSAP certification distinguishes me as a leader in my field who is committed to the standards and best practices set and shared through ASAP; as a result my guidance is sought by my peers at SAS and by SAS Alliance partners. The certification is a symbol of our commitment to professional development and has proven to be a valuable tool when engaging with current and prospective partners as well as with our global customers looking to expand their partnering network. We encourage all our SAS Alliance professionals to have at least their CA-AM certification and celebrate the achievement of those who strive for CSAP.

Parth Amin, CSAP
Alliance Dynamics

The CSAP certification has been an invaluable asset in my personal brand. Not only has it validated my experience and learnings as an alliance professional, but it also distinguishes me from the rest of the partner professionals by adding a degree of credibility that stands out. If you want to differentiate yourself, then take the exam!

Joan Meltzer, CSAP
Global Alliance Executive, Innovation Alliances
IBM Corporation

I completed my CA-AM certification in 2010 because it was an important step in building recognition of my experience as an alliance professional. It is a distinction recognized both within IBM and externally, that ASAP has validated my skills in recruiting, developing and executing alliance partnerships. This is a differentiator, and my guidance is often sought by my peers, IBM Senior Executive Management and outside companies looking to expand their business model thru alliances.

It's now time for me to take this to the next level and sit for my CSAP certification, the next step in my professional development, which will give me additional credibility as an alliance professional.

Note: Since providing this testimonial, Joan has gone on to complete her CSAP certification.

Philip Sack, CSAP
Director Alliances, Asia Pacific

Alliance management and collaboration is about leadership.

Your ability to lead your internal stakeholders and associated business units, together in collaboration with alliance partners, requires strong leadership skills. However you also require creditability and executive sponsorship if people are going to follow you on this exciting journey.

Achieving CSAP certification demonstrates that I am serious about the practice of alliance management, focused on continuous learning and development, engaged and leveraging the resources and best practices offered by ASAP, and that I am an accomplished alliance professional.

Coupled with my professional experience and previous business success, CSAP certification assists establishing my personnel creditability, and it differentiates me within a highly competitive market place.

If you are serious about alliance management and leading alliances, I recommend you consider this globally recognized certification.

Rob von Alten, CSAP
Senior Director, Alliance Management

Professional certification is highly valued, particularly in the life sciences sector. My CSAP certification informs my colleagues that I have the knowledge and experience to successfully guide a collaboration to its desired outcomes. It invites a conversation about the practice of alliance management for those new to partnerships. And it connects me to growing network of other certified alliance professionals around the world that are a wealth of knowledge about making alliances work to the benefit of all parties involved.

Andrew Eibling, CSAP
VP Alliance Management

At Covance, over 20 of our staff have become ASAP certified. We view certification not only as a key developmental objective that enhances each individual's level of performance, but also as a statement of our commitment to developing a strong organizational alliance management competency. Based on the inquiries we receive from potential partners about having ASAP certified individuals on staff, we know this is an important capability that is valued by our alliance partners.

How Certification Has Benefited Schneider Electric

Anthony DeSpirito, CSAP
VP/ General Manager Operation Services
Schneider Electric

We are a small and distinguished alliance team at Schneider Electric. As an alliance professional for several years, I sought my CA-AM certification as a validation of my experience and an external distinction to the rest of the company and to my peers in the industry. Today, because of these credentials, colleagues seek my guidance and counsel on alliance matters as a recognized expert within our company. This year, I'll further that external recognition of my expertise as I sit for the CSAP exam at this year's ASAP Global Alliance Summit!

Note: Since providing this testimonial, Anthony has gone on to complete his CSAP certification.

Why I Became CSAP Certified

Kim Tremblay, CSAP
Sr. Director, Global Alliance Marketing
Schneider Electric

"Earning my CSAP certification has put me in a new league among my alliance peer group. As we work to accelerate our alliance program across our global organization, I am looked to as a leader in my field and I know a place at the table is always reserved for me."

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