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Alliance & Collaboration Assessment Tools

Collaborative Capability Check-up

The Collaborative Capability Check-up is a first step towards collaboration excellence and has been developed by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) in conjunction with New Information Paradigms (NIP), who are also providing the underlying software.

It will give you a first indication of how well-developed your organization’s core collaborative capabilities are, including with respect to:

  • Compliance to the ISO 44001 Business Collaboration Standard.
  • The application of best practices described in ASAP’s Handbook of Alliance Management.

You will be asked to assess your organization on 20 value-producing attributes that are pertinent to providing an organization with a solid foundation for collaboration excellence. For each attribute, you will be asked to assess the extent to which your organization demonstrates the best practice description given.

Upon completion, your input will be used to generate a summary report that contains:

  • An overall Collaborative Capability Score
  • Three relative strengths
  • Three relative areas for improvement
  • References to Sections of the ASAP Handbook and ISO 44001 standard
  • Options for next steps

When the necessary participation threshold is reached, you will also receive a benchmarking report.

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Alliance Scorecard Model

Measuring performance is a key to realizing value from a collaboration. But this can be an empty exercise if you are not measuring the things that really matter. So how do you know what matters? One number can't tell it all. Many organizations gauge company success through a balance score card and it is recommended approach for partner score cards as well. You need both lagging indicators and leading indicators and you need to measure how you are creating value in many dimensions. The Balance Score Card tools lists a range of option that may be important to measure to show the value of your alliance.

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Key Strategic Questions

Use of this tool can assist you in developing the appropriate set of Key Strategic Questions. These questions, and more important the responses to them, will help to determine whether or not you will pursue a specific alliance. By answering these critical questions, you will have addressed the fundamental issues necessary to create a powerful strategic mission for the alliance.

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