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Exam Detailed Content Outlines

ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner’s Guide

Detailed Content Outlines

The Detailed Content Outlines (DCO) are the specifications for the certification exams. They detail the competencies that are tested and the extent to which they are tested. There is a DCO for the CA-AM exam and one for the CSAP.

At the top left of the form, you note there are cognitive levels: Recall, Application, and Analysis. The numbers in the columns denote how many questions or items there are on the exam at each cognitive level within each section of competencies.

For example on the CA-AM DCO for the section titled I. Alliance Capabilities, there are 4 questions at the recall level, 8 questions at the application level, and 3 questions at the Analysis level and a total of 15 questions for the section. The areas that are shaded indicate that there are no questions for a particular competency at the level that is shaded.

Cognitive Level indicates the degree of difficulty of the question or item.

Recall is simply recalling a fact. What is an alliance value proposition?

Application requires that you have some foundational knowledge and can apply it to alliance management. Often it requires you to identify a problem or condition. What is an indication of misaligned objectives?

Analysis expects that you can correlate several facts and come to some conclusion, for example solving a problem. What is the next appropriate action?

The DCOs are made public to give exam candidates some insight on what skills and competencies they will need to be successful in passing the exams. As an additional guide for study, the DCO competencies are included in an Appendix of The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner’s Guide with an index to content supporting each competency.

The DCOs can be accessed through the following links:


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