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ASAP Alliance Management Simulations
Introducing the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals Alliance Management Simulations:

Nine real world case studies and simulated training exercises each within a key alliance management competency.

This desktop, online training is especially suited for those who find live workshop attendance difficult. Each unit is structured within a key alliance management competency. As participants pursue this training they will learn experientially, be asked to define best choices and will receive immediate feedback in regard to the path taken. Each simulation focuses on enabling and enhancing an application of knowledge and skills needed in real-world situations typically faced in every partnership. These simulations allow participants to work through the learnings in a safe environment and can become quickly implemented in the work environment. In addition to informal feedback incorporated into the storyline of the simulation, participants receive written feedback throughout the simulation. The written feedback report describes the issues raised by each decision and explains the effects of choices made. The weighted scoring of the choices made generates the scorecard report. The scorecard helps participants understand how their decisions affected specific events in the simulation.

Set in a fictitious pharmaceutical organization and modeled after key alliance management competencies, identified by ASAP research, this training will sharpen participants skills and decision paths as they continue to develop your partnership management skill set.

Simulation Modules Offered:
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Aligned Decision Making
  • Developing Influence Strategies
  • Enhancing Trust
  • Competition within the Alliance
  • Renegotiating the Agreement
  • Performance Management
  • Letter vs. Spirit of Agreement
  • Contingency Planning
Each Simulation Includes:
  • Experiential training and receive immediate feedback on path taken.
  • Feedback incorporated into the storyline
  • Written feedback report and scorecard at completion
  • CEP’s for every passed test at the end of each module
This training is intended for individual use.

Member Pricing:
All 9 Modules - $349
1 Module - $69

Non-Member Pricing:
All 9 Modules - $559
1 Module - $109

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