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An ASAP membership is essential for professionals at any level in the alliance management profession. From professional development to networking, ASAP is the only organization that provides all the tools, information, and resources you will need to create a structure to manage an alliance portfolio, collaboration or partnership.

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The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management

Hard Copy

This compendium of alliance management practices, principles, and current professional standards puts all the information you need in one unique, indispensable resource that exists nowhere else.

$145 USD | ASAP Members
$299 USD | Non-members


Paperback: 272 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9882248-1-0

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The streaming e-Handbook enables easy access from any computer or tablet with an online connection. e-Handbook access is subscription-based (one year).

$79 USD | ASAP Members
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$159 USD | Non-members
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Strategic Alliance Magazine

Strategic Alliance Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, and is the only magazine that provides comprehensive coverage of business collaboration and strategic alliance management for both partnering experts and general business readers.


Membership with ASAP includes a complimentary subscription to Strategic Alliance Magazine. Non-members can subscribe to receive SAM, however hard copy delivery is only available in the United States. International non-members can subscribe to electronic delivery.

Digital Copies

As a benefit of membership, ASAP members have complimentary access to the entire digital catalogue of prior issues of SAM through our Member Resource Library. Non-members can purchase individual digital copies of prior issues via the link below.

SAM Member Access (Login required)

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Hard Copy Subscription (Domestic United States only)

Digital Subscription

Author's Bookshelf

As a benefit of membership, ASAP members can purchase the following books at a discounted price:

Enabling Collaboration, Achieving Success Through Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
By Martin Echavarria

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Structured Strategic Partnership Handbook
By Ezra Schneier

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Mastering Alliance Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management, and Organization
By James D. Bamford, Ben Gomes-Casseres CSAP, Michael S. Robinson

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Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations
By Ben Gomes-Casseres, CSAP

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ASAP Research Package

Discovering deeper insights for partnering and collaborations is one of the ingredients needed for alliance managers to succeed–by having the full suite of recent studies and research commissioned by ASAP, alliance managers are able to takes a look at alliance success rates and factors that influence outcomes and the evolution of the profession including roles, and the effective use and adoption of tools and more. The 5th State of Alliance Study: Business Planning Processes offers a closer look at what organizations do when planning for their alliances, and how business planning processes compare between different operations within the same firm, and the performance outcomes they affect. The final study provides guidelines for companies assessing the viability of potential alliance partners based on the resulting economic, financial, and social capital data.

Package includes electronic versions of:

  • 4th State of Alliance Management Study: The State of Alliances Past, Present, Future
    By Geert Duysters, CA-AM | Ard-Pieter de Man, CSAP | Dave Luvison, CSAP | Anyes Krijnen
  • 5th State of Alliance Study: Business Planning Processes
    By Dave Luvison, CSAP | Ard-Pieter de Man, CSAP | Keith Gaylord
  • 6th State of Alliance Study: Social Capital & Alliance Performance
    By Shawn Wilson, DBA
  • Hard Numbers at Last: New Report Defines the Economic and Financial Metrics that Enhance Partnering and Revenue | Strategic Alliance Magazine | Summer 2016 issue
    By Cynthia B. Hanson

Free for Members
$189 USD | Non-members
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Alliances, Partnership, and Collaboration Professional Development Power Pack

A special compilation of four articles featured in the Association of Strategic Alliance Professional's Strategic Alliance Magazine, recordings of two ASAP Netcast Webinars, a skills matrix that outlines the anticipated future direction of certification, standards, and industry-specific areas of expertise alliance professionals will need, and a special discount code to purchase Ezra Schneier's recent work Structured Strategic Partnership Handbook.

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Free for Members
$199 USD | Non-members
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The ASAP alliance management certification program offers members the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of core alliance skills and the management of all forms of collaborative business relationships.

Certification Exams


The CA-AM exam tests an individual's knowledge of key alliance management skills. Candidates are tested on overall alliance and operational competencies related to running an existing alliance, but not on the entire alliance life cycle.


The CSAP exam tests an individual's knowledge of key alliance management skills and tests on all facets of alliance management from inception to termination.

For more information and to register for the CA-AM or CSAP exams click here.

Certification Exam Retakes

CA-AM Exam Retake Fee: $50 | Click here to purchase

CSAP Exam Retake Fee: $150 | Click here to purchase

CA-AM Review Course

The CA-AM Review Course is designed to reinforce and refresh concepts covered in the CA-AM exam. Modules begin with a review of key alliance concepts and then moves to a case scenario analysis designed to encourage conversation and clarification of those concepts. Each module concludes with a summary of key takeaways.

Face-to-Face Workshop

Face-to-Face Workshops are available at ASAP's yearly conferences.

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Virtual CA-AM Exam Prep Webinar

Virtual workshops are customized to meet an alliance team's needs and objectives related to the CA-AM exam. A minimum of 8 participants is required.

Click here for more info. To register, contact Jennifer Silver, Certification Coordinator, at or +1 781-562-1630 x206.

Self-Paced eLearning CA-AM Module

The self-paced eLearning program is a cost-effective, flexible option for busy alliance professionals working towards their CA-AM certification.

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CSAP Preparation Toolkit

The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) Self-study CSAP Toolkit is designed to aid in preparing for the ASAP Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP) examination. Because it is structured as a review, it is designed to reinforce and refresh concepts that alliance managers are already expected to know. It is NOT designed to take an individual with no prior knowledge or experience of alliances and prepare them for the exam. Indeed, one of the assumptions behind the CSAP exam is that candidates have three-to-five years of experience in managing strategic alliances and have already passed the Certificate of Achievement – Alliance Management (CA-AM) examination.

The CSAP Toolkit includes...

  • Self-Study Review Notebook & Detailed Content Outline (DCO) contained within the notebook
  • CSAP Practice Exam
  • CSAP Mentor (optional)
  • CSAP Exam

The Self-Study Review Notebook addresses the following areas which are covered in the CSAP exam:

  • Alliance Strategy and Partner Selection
  • Alliance Formation Processes; Managing Alliances
  • Developing Organizational Alliance Skillsets
  • Fostering Collaborative Organizational Mindsets

The CSAP Preparation Toolkit can be purchased either with or without a copy of The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide.

Click here to purchase a copy WITH the Handbook ($795)

Click here to purchase a copy WITHOUT the Handbook ($650)


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Set in a fictitious pharmaceutical organization and modeled after key alliance management competencies, identified by ASAP research, this training will sharpen participants skills and decision paths as they continue to develop your partnership management skill set.

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For more information email us at or call +1-781-562-1630