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Cross-cultural Communication
ASAP Ideas in Action

Read. ASAP Strategic Alliance Cover Story | Q4, 2015 | Upping Your Communication Game
Building strong frameworks, understanding cross-cultural communication, negotiating video conferencing, brushing up on body language, and incorporating storytelling are some of the ways alliance managers can improve communications and add points to the scorecard.

Watch. ASAP Netcast Webinar | The Engines of Collaboration Inside and Beyond the Borders of Mainland China
Learn how two unique journeys are applying common principles and demonstrating how alliances inside and outside of China are providing a new path for growth, through proven approaches that include:

  • Transforming company culture to embrace principles of openness, cooperation, and win-win partnership
  • Providing a platform for strategic partners to share their voice and deliver the benefits and experience partners expect
  • Accelerating business within new and adjacent markets through alliance competency and capabilities

Use. Culture Analysis and Planning Tool
Consider your company's and your partner’s cultures and actions you might take to prevent misalignment.

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Embracing Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Problem Solving
ASAP Ideas in Action

The potential for conflict with your partner increases with speed and complexity, but savvy alliance teams sharpen their conflict resolution skills—and even embrace conflict as an opportunity to drive creativity, alignment, and growth in their partnerships.

Read. ASAP Strategic Alliance Cover Story | Q3, 2017

Watch. ASAP Netcast Webinar | Why Does Great Alliance Collaboration Require Good Conflict

Use. Collaborative Problem Solving Process and Checklist

Package takeaways include:

  • Learn how to sharpen conflict resolution skills
  • Discover how partner conflict sometimes results in innovation and valuable outcomes
  • Hear about common "hot buttons" that may initiate alliance conflict
  • Receive a step-by-step process on how to navigate collaborative problem-solving

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ASAP Research Package

Discovering deeper insights for partnering and collaborations is one of the ingredients needed for alliance managers to succeed–by having the full suite of recent studies and research commissioned by ASAP, alliance managers are able to takes a look at alliance success rates and factors that influence outcomes and the evolution of the profession including roles, and the effective use and adoption of tools and more. The 5th State of Alliance Study: Business Planning Processes offers a closer look at what organizations do when planning for their alliances, and how business planning processes compare between different operations within the same firm, and the performance outcomes they affect. The final study provides guidelines for companies assessing the viability of potential alliance partners based on the resulting economic, financial, and social capital data.

Package includes electronic versions of:

  • 4th State of Alliance Management Study: The State of Alliances Past, Present, Future
    By Geert Duysters, CA-AM | Ard-Pieter de Man, CSAP | Dave Luvison, CSAP | Anyes Krijnen
  • 5th State of Alliance Study: Business Planning Processes
    By Dave Luvison, CSAP | Ard-Pieter de Man, CSAP | Keith Gaylord
  • 6th State of Alliance Study: Social Capital & Alliance Performance
    By Shawn Wilson, DBA
  • Hard Numbers at Last: New Report Defines the Economic and Financial Metrics that Enhance Partnering and Revenue | Strategic Alliance Quarterly | Summer 2016 issue
    By Cynthia B. Hanson

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Alliances, Partnership, and Collaboration Professional Development Power Pack

A special compilation of four articles featured in the Association of Strategic Alliance Professional's Strategic Alliance Magazine, recordings of two ASAP Netcast Webinars, a skills matrix that outlines the anticipated future direction of certification, standards, and industry-specific areas of expertise alliance professionals will need, and a special discount code to purchase Ezra Schneier's recent work Structured Strategic Partnership Handbook.

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