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The ASAP Guide to Information Technology Partnering
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The ASAP Guide to Information Technology Partnering is a supplement and update to the ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management, and represents the latest and most advanced thinking on leading, managing, and deriving revenue from alliances, partnerships, and complex ecosystems in the high-tech field.

Building on the shared insights, published research, and real-world, in-the-trenches experiences of numerous ASAP members and the broader community of alliance management practitioners, The ASAP Guide to Information Technology Partnering explores the challenges and changes of a rapidly transforming IT landscape marked by alliances, channels, ecosystems, and other partnering structures–all of which coexist in a world of collaboration, competition, coopetition, and technological disruption where the only constant is continual change, speed to market and agility are vital, and the next big innovation is always just around the corner.

This supplement delves into such critical areas as:

  • The persistence of and threats to the traditional IT vendor-distributor-reseller-customer channel
  • The rise and spread of IT ecosystems
  • Ecosystems and the Alliance Life Cycle
  • The role of alliance managers as ecosystem orchestrators and facilitators
  • The race to market and the focus on the customer experience
  • Collaboration and competition in IT partnering
  • Revenue-generating go-to-market guidelines, new selling motions, and the relationship between alliance management and sales
  • Determining appropriate alliance metrics in an ecosystem context
  • The alliance professional as entrepreneurial leader, driver, and strategic visionary
  • Alliances as an essential enterprise function in today's high-tech world

The ASAP Guide to Information Technology Partnering features:

  • Descriptions of best practices in IT partnering
  • Frameworks and checklists for going to market
  • Ecosystem formation, design, functions, and types
  • Key questions for ecosystem managers
  • Essential qualities of today's IT alliance professionals
  • Resources for further reading
  • Glossary of important terms
  • Fillable online worksheets and forms

The ASAP Guide to Information Technology Partnering should be required reading for anyone who is embarking on or transitioning into an alliance management role in technology, and contains numerous insights that will aid more experienced practitioners as well.

Note: Supplement is for a single user only and may not be shared. All rights reserved. No part of this supplement may be reproduced by any mechanical, photographic, or electronic process, or in the form of an audio recording; nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted or otherwise copied for public or private use, other than for fair use as brief quotations embodied in articles and reviews, without prior written permission of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

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