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ASAP Netcast Webinar Series

The ASAP Netcast Webinar Series are a FREE member benefit featuring thought leaders in the alliance and collaboration profession who deliver in-depth analysis and how-to information on subjects most pressing to the professional. Each hour-long webinar delves into the challenges and solutions around both overarching topics related to alliance management, and even subjects specific industries and practices.

Netcast Webinars are scheduled monthly (see our calendar) and are archived in the Member Resource Library for ASAP members who miss the professional development opportunity.

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See a selection of summaries from our recent powerful and educational webinars below and inquire about membership today!

Joint Development of Market Ready Solutions

May 11, 2017


The technologies driving business transformation require an ecosystem to develop and commercialize new products—regardless of industry. The marriage of product, service, and data and analytic-driven personalization means greater value creation and tighter integration of solution components further upstream in the value chain.


Jan Twombly, CSAP
The Rhythm of Business

Jeff Shuman, CSAP, PhD
The Rhythm of Business

Optimizing the Interface between Internal and External Governance...

April 3, 2017


Large pharmaceutical companies are increasingly facing a specific governance challenge: how should large cross-functional team structures that are routinely relied on for internal programs be implemented on an alliance? These cross-functional teams, when well deployed internally, result in synergies across functions and improve communication and collaboration. With these benefits in mind, it is predictable that companies expect their alliance governance structures to mirror their internal team structures. For varying reasons, partner organizations should not default to simply imposing a successful internal structure onto an alliance. Rather, alliance managers should facilitate a process where the advantages and disadvantages of different governance models are carefully weighed and assessed to put in place the most efficient, appropriate governance structure.


Renee Jansen, CA-AM
Principal, Alliances Practice
Vantage Partners

Why Does Great Alliance Collaboration Require Good Conflict?

February 22, 2017


When did the term "conflict" get such a bad name? In my work with alliance teams over the last 25 years all around the world, I have never found a high performing alliance team that did not have moments when team members disagreed, debated, or argued. These teams all had a healthy respect for the value of not only having differences of opinions or perspectives, but for having learned how to manage themselves as they worked through the discord or tensions precipitated by their disputes.


Lynda McDermott
Founding President
EquiPro International Ltd.

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