Alliance Manager-Office of Technology & Commercialization

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Job Title: Alliance Manager- Office of Technology & Commercialization
Company: Nationwide Children's Hospital
Location: In-person or Remote. If in-person, company is located in Columbus, Ohio


  • Contract management: The Alliance Manager will understand the function and purpose of the different contracts and agreements that exist between The Research Institute and third parties and coordinate between those contracts at the organizational level. The manager will work closely with the individuals, departments, and other functions to manage expectations and ensure implementation of the contract isn’t hindered by competing initiatives or in the event of a difference of opinion between the two sides. One specific contract related function of the Alliance Manager is to review annual development reports from NCH licensees and coordinate with internal stakeholders, including licensing associates, to develop strategies necessary to respond to development reports that have deviated from plan
  • Progress monitoring: The Alliance manager meets with both third party representatives and internal stakeholders to understand expectations on timelines for executing on projects and relationship goals. The Alliance Manager tracks progress, including coordinating the definition and reporting of the KPIs, as well as leading periodic health checks. Each project that the alliance manager coordinates will have a timeline developed by the manager with clearly identified milestones/ goals
  • Process management: The Alliance manager will support and assist business unit managers to ensure smooth operation of the process necessary to accomplish the Alliance goals, to include implementing collaboration ground rules, such as project team meetings. The Alliance Manager will play a significant role in scheduling and curating a monthly Industry Relations Forum (IRF) for research institute managers and directors
  • Brand management: The Alliance Manager will work with The Office of Technology Commercialization and other departments as needed to manage how The Research Institute as a whole is perceived by third parties and industries and vice versa
  • Alignment and relationship building: The Alliance Manager will be expected to lead efforts to increase alignment, mutual understanding, and trust between the Research Institute and Alliance Parties
  • Strategic value and risk management: The Alliance Manager identifies the important value drivers and key risks, ensuring those involved do not lose focus on strategic direction, and leads efforts to mitigate risks and accelerate value creation; The manager should also be alert to win-win opportunities to extend the relationship by expanding the existing partnership
  • Change management: The Alliance Manager anticipates upcoming changes in project stages or collaboration participants, managing transitions smoothly, and serving as the partnership’s memory, as well as facilitating complex discussions with the partner to map a way forward when unanticipated situations or corporate decisions in either party trigger the need for change

Required Experience:

  • Experience working in university or academic research administration required
  • Experience negotiating agreements in an academic or industry setting desired

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience developing and maintaining strategic relationships at the personal and organizational level
  • Experience in complex project management within an organization is desired
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team environment


Education: 4 year degree is required. Advanced business or science degree is desirable.

Please refer to the link below to apply through the Nationwide Children's hospital website:

Nationwide Children's Hospital Job Application Link

Contact: Marsha Lutz