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Certificate of Achievement - Alliance Management

“Investment in certification is a potential positive return in terms of more partnerships, reduced risk of poor performance, and increased chances of value creation.”

CA-AM is the first level of certification. CA-AM recipients can demonstrate a firm grasp of broad alliance management concepts and a strong proficiency in applying The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide’s basic tools, principles, and practices to collaborations on a day-to-day basis.

The CA-AM exam is designed to ensure that professionals understand the fundamental principles of aligning alliances with corporate strategy, and of executing on partner business objectives. This exam tests CA-AM candidates on the following areas of alliance management:

  • Alliance Life Cycle Framework
  • Strategic Rationale and Readiness
  • Alliance Selection
  • Alliance Execution
  • Planning and Organizing Skills
  • Management and Leadership Skills

The following prerequisites must be satisfied in order to take the CA-AM exam:

  • ASAP member in good standing
  • Recommended at least three years of alliance management experience
  • Register for a CA-AM Exam Prep Workshop

CA-AM Exam Details

  • Unproctored and administered online
  • Takes an average of 90 minutes to complete in one sitting
  • Experiential in nature—questions appear to have more than one right answer, but there is only one "best" answer
  • 85 multiple choice questions
  • A score of 59 is required to pass

“If somebody tells me that they know [ASAP], that they’re certified, and they’ve read the Handbook, I’m instantaneously more apt to dive much deeper with them.”

Drew Quinlan, CA-AM, vice president of strategic alliances at RingCentral