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Certified Strategic Alliance Professional

“Having certified alliance professionals sends a strong signal to our existing and potential partners that we are committed to managing our partnerships effectively.”

CSAP is the advanced level of certification for experienced practitioners with a command of the full alliance lifecycle. CSAPs are senior leaders who achieve significantly higher rates of alliance success than average by applying a sharp business sense and adapting the tools, processes, and principles in The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide to the unique objectives and dynamics of each partnership.

The following prerequisites must be satisfied in order to take the CSAP exam:

  • ASAP member in good standing
  • Recommended five to 10 years of alliance management experience
  • CA-AM certified
  • Six certification qualification points (see Certification Renewal & Points)
  • Completed application and purchase of CSAP certification exam prep workshop

CSAP Exam Details

  • Computer-based and proctored*
  • Takes an average of two to three hours to finish
  • Exam is experiential in nature—questions appear to have more than one right answer, but there is only one “best” answer
  • 150 multiple choice questions
  • A score of 102 is required to pass

*The CSAP Exam is an electronic examination that is proctored online via web camera. It can be taken from your office, home, or any other location that has a high-speed internet connection.

“The CSAP increases the likelihood [of alliance success] drastically. I would probably assume that this person, with an 80 percent chance or more, will be able to handle anything that we really have to deal with in an alliance.”

Philip Sailer, CSAP, Senior Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Greenlake Cloud Services Portfolio Integration