In Good Hands: ASAP Board Elects New Officers

Posted By: Michael Burke Member Resources,

The strength of an organization like ASAP resides in its member community, but of course it’s also important who’s guiding the ship as it sails toward the horizon. The results of recent elections of new officers to the ASAP board promise to ensure the organization’s continued success and keep it on a steady forward course.

Many of the names will be familiar to ASAP members, which in itself is reassuring. The biggest change comes at the top, where the new ASAP board chair will be David S. Thompson, CSAP, chief alliance officer at Eli Lilly and Company and a longtime member who has been highly influential in ASAP and alliance management circles via his many articles in Strategic Alliance Quarterly and other publications, as well as his alliance management executive education courses and frequent presentations at ASAP events. Thompson replaces outgoing board chair Brooke A. Paige, CSAP, former vice president of alliance management at Pear Therapeutics and a veteran biopharma executive and ASAP member in her own right.

Taking on the role of ASAP board vice chair is Drew Quinlan, CA-AM, vice president of strategic alliances (ISVs and GSIs) for RingCentral. Quinlan has also presented at various ASAP conferences and has been instrumental in integrating ASAP certifications and methodologies not only at RingCentral but at several of his previous companies.

The post of treasurer will be assumed by Knut Sturmhoefel, CA-AM, PhD, global head of alliance management for Novartis. Sturmhoefel recently stepped in to chair the ASAP board’s finance committee and will continue to perform that role as treasurer.

Jan Twombly, CSAP, president of The Rhythm of Business, Inc., remains as editorial chair; Sally Wang, group vice president of global alliances and partnerships for International SOS, will serve as governance chair; and Cindy Warren, vice president of Janssen Business Development, neuroscience, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, will serve as membership chair. Rounding out the board is current member R. Lynn Richard, CSAP, vice president of global and strategic alliances for GE Healthcare.

Getting Us Where We Need to Go

ASAP president and CEO Michael Leonetti, CSAP, lauded this stellar group of new officers and the entire board.

“These folks spend a lot of time and energy on a volunteer basis helping us get to where we need to go, and moving the profession and the organization forward in a very efficient manner,” he said. “Our whole board is a terrific group of people, extremely sharp and competent, and I know we’re in very good and capable hands with David at the helm and with our new set of officers.

“Also, I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and thank Brooke Paige for her many years of service to ASAP,” he continued. “She has given so much time and effort to the organization over the past two decades, and then topped it off with her successful two terms and more as our chairperson. Brooke, thank you so much for everything you’ve done!”

Paige will remain on the ASAP board as chair emeritus, which is certainly a comfort to the organization and another guarantor of continuity.

A Wealth of Experience to Share with Members

Thompson also expressed thanks to the ASAP membership community for their vote of confidence as he steps into the role of board chair, noting that much of ASAP’s value as an organization is the educational sharing of challenges and problem-solving experiences among members. Leonetti echoed that view as well.

“David and the rest of our board are all proven alliance leaders who bring many years of experience to the table and have so much valuable learning to share with us. We’re incredibly grateful that they’re lending their collective wisdom as a service to ASAP and our growing member community.”

With new officers in place and a great group of board members, ASAP looks to be set up well for future success and continued value for its members.