Certification FAQs

How much does it cost to take a certification exam?

The CA-AM certification bundles range from $599 for a self-paced option to $1,099 for the face-to-face prep workshop bundle. The CSAP face-to-face prep workshop bundle is $1,344.

What do I receive when I become certified?

You will be issued a certificate upon successfully passing the CA-AM or CSAP exam.

What happens if my membership expires?

Your certification is tied to your ASAP membership status. If your membership lapses, your certification will become invalid until you renew.

What happens if I don't pass my certification exam?

If you do not pass either exam, you have the opportunity to retake it within a specified period of time. Contact ASAP for more information. 

What policies govern the use of certification logos?

The CA-AM and CSAP logos are ASAP copyright marks. Valid certified members can use the applicable logo, but permission is revoked if membership lapses.

What certification information is shared with others?

ASAP only indicates whether an individual is certified or not. Scores are confidential and not publicly shared.

How long is my certification valid?

Each designation, CA-AM and CSAP, is renewable every three years, provided the ASAP member remains in good standing with active membership and earns the necessary professional development points. By fulfilling these requirements, CA-AM and CSAP holders can renew their respective certifications every three years, ensuring their knowledge and expertise remain current in the dynamic field of alliance management.

How do I find out my exam score?

Scores are provided electronically within minutes after exam submission. Category performance overview is given, but no questions/answers revealed.

Who should I contact for more information?

Contact Lori Gold.