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Partnering Capability Assessment

Partnering may be critical to your company’s success—but do you have the capability to execute?

Whether you want to drive change, bridge silos within your organization, or assess your current partnering capabilities, PCAP is the platform to help you and your team get it done.

PCAP is the only diagnostic endorsed by ASAP using ISO Business Collaboration standards to assess your organization’s partnering capabilities and provide guidance on how to improve them. Leading companies have used it to elevate their partnering game and help them realize the intended value of their alliances.

The PCAP scores your organization on key attributes and performs a gap analysis based on global standards from ISO. Using ASAP best practices, the analysis drives organizational change, developing work plans to build on strengths and improve weaknesses.

Elevate Your Partnering Capability Today
Choose the best diagnostic for your organization.
Identify strengths and potential weaknesses of organizational partnering capability Assess organizational partnering capability and create an action plan for improvement Create customized alliance success workplans w/ full ISO readiness assessment
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1 User Up to 15 Users 15+ Users
20 Parameters 20 Parameters 50+ Custom Parameters
Standard Rating Scale Standard Rating Scale with Comments Customized Rating Scale with Comments
Individual Report with Maturity Table Individual & Aggregated Report with Maturity Table & Heat Map Individual & Aggregated Report with Maturity Table & Heat Map
Brief ISO & ASAP Mapping Brief ISO & ASAP Mapping Comprehensive ISO & ASAP Mapping
Benchmarking Benchmarking
Automated Reminders Automated Reminders
Plan, Do, Check, Act Template Plan, Do, Check, Act Template
2 Hours of Coaching 10 Hours of Coaching
Multi-team Management