Take Your Alliance Team to Marriage Counseling—Training to Work in Harmony

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

Please note: ASAP certified members will receive .25 CEU for attending this program.


Lynda McDermott, CA-AM, MSOD
President | EquiPro International

Much progress has been made over the last decade to not only measure alliance success but to better identify and implement alliance management best practices. However, there continues to be a less than optimal investment by alliance partners to address the root causes about why these highly anticipated "marriages" underperform or fail.

As an ASAP CA-AM certification workshop leader, I have the privilege of interacting with alliance professionals and managers who candidly talk about their alliance performance success rates and why they are not higher. Among the reasons often cited are: We don't have a consistent onboarding and ongoing training program across our alliance partnerships for teaching and coaching the requisite skills and behaviors.

Key takeaways that will be shared include:

  • The major challenges to alliance teams working collaboratively 'in harmony' with their partners.
  • How to measure joint criteria for collaborative performance
  • Identify specific examples of strategies used to train and coach alliance teams to be better prepared to face the inevitable challenges of working on alliance teams.

Lynda will help guide attendees on how to develop a specific action plan to address the unique challenges your alliance teams face in improving their "collaborative harmony".

About the Speaker:

Lynda McDermott, CA-AM, MSOD, President of EquiPro International. Over the last few years alliance management executives and professionals have faced challenges beyond those that are naturally prevalent in alliance partnerships, and many of which are outside of their control. For example, most of the alliance work and communications within partnerships have been almost exclusively virtual; changes to alliance partners' organizational structures have resulted in new alliance team roles and resource allocations; and there is increased pressure on alliance managers to more fully engage cross-functional experts in alliance management and collaboration best practices.


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