Strategic Alliance Quarterly

Established in 2010, Strategic Alliance Quarterly is the official magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP).

Available in electronic format as a benefit of ASAP membership (and also available by subscription), Strategic Alliance Quarterly is the only magazine that provides comprehensive coverage of strategic alliance management, partnering trends and best practices, ecosystems, and business collaborations of all kinds for alliance managers, partnering leaders and professionals, and general business readers.

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Written and edited by the ASAP editorial staff and featuring articles contributed by our community thought leaders and member companies as well, Strategic Alliance Quarterly helps busy alliance professionals up their partnering game, burnish their alliance skills, advance their careers, and anticipate partnering trends before they happen. Recent coverage includes emerging issues and topics such as:

  • The Future of Alliance Management
  • Partnering During the Pandemic
  • Ecosystems: Myth and Reality
  • Issues in Biopharma Commercial Alliances
  • Partnering in the Cloud
  • Navigating Coopetition
  • M&A Activity and Alliance Integration
  • Data- and AI-Based Alliances
  • Alliance Management and Deal Negotiations
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication
  • Digital Health Partnerships
  • How IT Partners with Industry 4.0

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