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Partners Are the Customer Experience – Second Edition | e-Book

Partners Are the Customer Experience – Second Edition | e-Book

Customer experience is the Holy Grail, gold standard, and reigning obsession of the business world—and rightly so. How customers experience your product or solution heavily influences how they feel about your company—even if they have no direct interaction with your employees but transact and experience what you do through an ecosystem of partners. Now, for the first time, there’s a book that illuminates the critical connections between partner experience (PX) and customer experience (CX). Authors and experienced tech partnering veterans Nancy Ridge, CA-AM, of Ridge Innovative and Norma Watenpaugh, CSAP, of Phoenix Consulting Group present the findings of their research, highlight these important connections, and explain their implications for companies and for partnering professionals in Partners Are the Customer Experience.


Now in its second edition and produced as part of a collaboration between the authors and the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), Partners Are the Customer Experience shows:


  • How partners engage all along the customer journey, from pre-sale through point of sale to post-sale
  • How customers benefit from a strong partner experience and thus realize better business outcomes
  • How better enablement, specialization, collaborative selling assistance, and other partner benefits improve customer experience
  • How building trust and developing strong relationships fosters better overall partner and customer experience


…and much more. This revised second edition, now available in electronic formats, contains extensive new material including a new afterword by Tiffani Bova, formerly global growth evangelist at Salesforce and bestselling author of Growth IQ and The Experience Mindset, as well as an all-new appendix demonstrating how partner ecosystem orchestration influences the customer experience and ultimate customer success, featuring the insights of partnering executives from companies like Lenovo, Protiviti, Guidewire, and BeyondTrust. 

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