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Biopharma Collection Learning Series

Biopharma Collection Learning Series
ASAP has put together a new, ongoing series of videos culled from our conferences and other events to showcase our alliance management thought leaders' contributions and give you the benefit of their insights and expertise. The ASAP Learning Series is actually four different collections of videos, allowing you to choose the presentations that will help you the most. Our presenters share valuable knowledge you can use, both in solving your day-to-day challenges as well as looking ahead to the future of alliances and partnering.

Four videos in this collection deal with subjects such as managing alliance power imbalances, alliance integration, long-standing alliance relationships, and enabling strategic change. Collection includes:

Managing Power Imbalances: How to Navigate Partnerships between Large and Small Organizations

  • Jessica Wadd of Vantage Partners
  • Steve Pessagno from GlaxoSmithKline
  • Amy Walraven of Turnkey Risk
  • Joy Wilder-Lybeer of Equifax
  • Troy M. Windt of Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Navigating the Differences Between Alliances and Integration – 'Snowboarding for Skiers'

  • Carlos Keener of BTD Consulting
  • Brooke Paige, CSAP former Pear Therapeutics
  • Nick Palmer of BTD Consulting
  • Steve Twait, CSAP of AstraZeneca 

Resiliency in Alliance Management: How Amgen-UCB Managed the "Roller Coaster Ride" of a Long-standing Alliance

  • Tracy Blois, PhD of Amgen
  • Alistair Dixon, PhD of UCB Pharmaceuticals 

Enabling Strategic Change—Cultural and Alliance Capability Development

  • Christoph Huwe, CSAP, PhD
  • Michael Kennedy, PhD of Bayer Pharmaceuticals
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