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Embracing Conflict Resolution & Collaborative Problem Solving

Embracing Conflict Resolution & Collaborative Problem Solving
The potential for conflict with your partner increases with speed and complexity, but savvy alliance teams sharpen their conflict resolution skills—and even embrace conflict as an opportunity to drive creativity, alignment, and growth in their partnerships. This package features a cover story from ASAP Strategic Alliance Quarterly, an ASAP Webinar, and a step-by- step outline that helps guide a collaborative problem-solving process complete with a checklist.

Read. ASAP Strategic Alliance Quarterly Cover Story | Q3, 2017

The Art of Sparring and Crossing Swords 

What can History Teach Us About Alliances?

No Pressure, No Diamonds-No Sand, No Pearls

Watch. ASAP Webinar | Why Does Great Alliance Collaboration Require Good Conflict

Use. Collaborative Problem Solving Process and Checklist

Package takeaways include:

  • Learn how to sharpen conflict resolution skills
  • Discover how partner conflict sometimes results in innovation and valuable outcomes
  • Hear about common "hot buttons" that may initiate alliance conflict
  • Receive a step-by-step process on how to navigate collaborative problem-solving
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