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Alliance Partners

ASAP’s Alliance Partners offer services and event programming that benefit our membership and the association. If your company is interested in becoming an Alliance Partner, please contact Mike Leonetti or Kim Miller.

allianceboardCombine your ASAP membership with an allianceboard subscription for best-in-class resources, practices and technology to support your ever-evolving partnering business model. allianceboard is an easy-to-use alliance management platform for alliance professionals—purpose-built to stay on top of it all, show organizational impact and easily collaborate with partners for innovation and growth.

As an ASAP member, you receive:

  • allianceboard access, through ASAP’s member offer depending on segment and membership levels. Leverage allianceboard’s leading digital platform for alliance management. Special terms apply.
  • Access to ASAP resources, templates and best practices directly from within allianceboard. Get powerful guidance when managing your strategic alliance portfolio or partner ecosystem through allianceboard.
  • Insights from joint ASAP and allianceboard resources—helping alliance practitioners design and manage ever-evolving collaborative business models.
  • Learn more about our partnership

Thought Leader Global

Thought Leader Global is a dynamic networking organization which produces targeted business media and events on various issues for senior management in multinational enterprises. Thought Leader Global was designed in order to produce business events where industry representatives benchmark and share various approaches to complex commercial challenges. Thought Leader Global and the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals are proud to have partnered on past ASAP European Alliance Summits held in London and Amsterdam.