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CSAP Exam Prep

Exam Prep Workshop

To join the elite few who have earned the highest level of professional certification available for a partnership professional, one must pass the CSAP exam, and a CSAP prep workshop is a requirement for becoming CSAP-certified.

All CSAP workshops go beyond knowledge building and include vigorous discussions about key senior leadership attributes. They begin with a brief case scenario designed to spark conversation around key alliance management themes, continue with a review of related concepts, and then conclude with a summary of key takeaways.

Courses address the following areas which are covered in the CSAP exam:
  • Alliance Strategy and Partner Selection
  • Alliance Formation Processes
  • Managing Alliances
  • Developing Organizational Alliance Skillsets
  • Fostering Collaborative Organizational Mindsets

ASAP Face-to-Face CSAP Exam Prep Workshop


$1,344 per person

Offering Summary:

For more information about upcoming exam prep programs, please contact Lori Gold, +1-781-684-9588.

“You get perspective on your own knowledge base [from other CSAP workshop attendees] that you can’t get among a team of research scientists or commercial experts in your company. You’re getting feedback from peers that you don’t often have a chance to get.”

Katherine Kendrick, CSAP, head of alliance management at Jazz Pharmaceuticals