You Always Wanted to Be Onstage, Right? Now You Can!

Posted By: Michael Burke BioPharma Conference,

After the stunning success of the ASAP Global Alliance Summit in Tampa, the next big in-person live event is the 2022 ASAP BioPharma Conference, to take place in Boston on September 28–30. Will you be there?

We sure hope so. The ASAP BioPharma Conference has a loyal following and has long been revered in the industry as the gathering for biopharma alliance professionals.

And what better way to participate than to take the stage yourself, sharing your alliance know-how and experience with your colleagues near and far?

The call for topics remains open through May 20, and it’s your turn to shine in the spotlight. The ASAP member community is counting on industry leaders like you to share the latest insights, hot trends, and best practices. Your thought leadership and expertise can help ensure that the ASAP BioPharma Conference addresses the most valuable and current topics related to partnering and alliance management in the biopharma industry and throughout the biopharma/life sciences/healthcare ecosystem.

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or new to the scene and passionate about a topic, ASAP wants to hear from you! So submit your proposal to speak at BioPharma and…

  • Share your stories of partner and alliance innovation, key lessons learned, and critical industry and alliance insights.
  • Offer your perspectives on the forces shaping the future of alliances, partnerships, ecosystems, and collaborations in biopharma and beyond.
  • Team up with your colleagues to present or be part of a panel to share your alliance successes and challenges.

 For more information and to submit your topic proposal, go to today!