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Why Organizations Need ISO 44001

  • Most CEOs interviewed by the major consultancies, accountants, and management magazines say collaboration, improved partnering, and strategic alliances are critical to their business.
  • Adoption of ISO 44001 makes a public statement to Wall Street (and other stock markets) and to employees that collaboration performance is a board issue.
  • ISO 44001 ensures that leadership addresses how collaboration impacts strategy (objectives, knowledge, and capability).
  • ISO 44001 provides the organization with a means of overseeing the collaboration process (e.g., criteria for selecting partners, establishing governance, and measuring value creation).
  • ISO 44001 allows all specialists (alliance managers, project managers, contract and commercial managers, etc.) to link their specialist skills to collaboration objectives.
  • Adopting collaboration best practices can be augmented by ISO certification as a driver of change.
  • ISO certification can often improve company image with customers and suppliers.